Sunday, May 26, 2013

At Least a decent day today

Hello again folks and welcome to a brighter Sunday.

Well at least the sun is shining and it is warmer today, so need to make the most of it so What do I do ? I stay in bed until 9.30 this morning before getting up and making a coffee and some porridge to take into the lounge.
 Well, as is usual with the sun comes insanity and once again we are landed in Southsea with "The Naked Bike Ride" now this throws up some scary sights as you can imagine, apparently they do this every year to protest that the roads are not safe for cyclist,s

Not a pretty sight
anyway there we are that is the depths at which our Bank holiday has descended to anyway , on a more positive note tomorrow there is the Charity abseiling down the spinnaker tower at Gunwharf Quays on the waterfront in Portsmouth. I will hopefully be there to support the people who are abseiling. As far as I know the following people will be abseiling  for Team Muscle raising funds for the Myositis support Group UK. You can visit there just giving pages to donate.

2 pm Dave Oakley, Laura Oakley and Andy Jordan.
3 pm Catherine king, Karen Davies, Phillip Trevellion, Chris Coleman and Jerry Smith.

4 pm Simon Chadwick, Quentin Marty, Paul Franklin, Boo Holmquest and Les Oakley

I got the times and names from the "Team Muscle" face book page, the link is at the bottom of this Journal.

well it has been a decent day today and this afternoon my son Gervase came round and took me over to Sainsburys at Farlington to get some shopping and then on the way home we went to "Pets at home to get some items for His and leanne,s cats, I saw some 
little Bunny Rabbits and I want one. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Sainsburys car park 1

Sainsburys car park 2

Pets at Home Car park

Pets at Home Store

Staples Office supplies store

Well there we are then a decent day today I have enjoyed it and a nice lie in this morning and nice weather to go out in the car shopping with Gervase this afternoon, anyway we got back home about 3.00 and had a nice chat and Gervase went at about 4.30, so I got a nice strawberry Complan and a banana for lunch as that will see me through until dinner at about 6.30 tonight, I also got the Vegetable prepared for tonight and then settled down to get todays journal written. it is now 6.35 and I am going to get it posted and also here is the link to the  Myositis Support group "Team Muscle" facebook page:

So until tomorrow I will say Adios.

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