Thursday, May 2, 2013

At Last a chance to wear a lighter Jumper.

Out with the Rubbish
Yahoo, the sun is shining , The sky is blue and it is getting warmer in the sunshine,  although I must admit I still had to have the heating on first thing this morning when I got up just to take the chill of the room. the reason I was up earlier this morning as I have to put the Rubbish bags out for collection as it is Rubbish collection day on Thursdays down our road, Some people put them out on the Wednesday night but then it attracts the Urban Foxes who have a habit of tearing them open.

The other reason to wake early is that today would have been My Mothers 100th Birthday and it was nice to look up into the clear blue sky and wish her a happy Birthday.

and now the rest of the day starts here. As I said I was up earlier and I sent Pauline a text at 8.30 and she phones me back to say that she is out with Misty on the common and it is a nice day but a bit of a breeze blowing in of the sea, anyway Pauline will book a taxi for 11.15 to come and collect me and then we will be off down to the city centre and then on to Morrisons for the food shopping.

Almost Ready
So as it is now 9.30 I have an hour to get some breakfast and then check out facebook and also my emails before going and getting myself washed, shaved, groomed and dressed ready for when Pauline comes so as usual although I got up earlier today I still meander around and then have to rush to get everything done in time, mind you I have always been the same so I doubt if I will change now, it is just now I have to leave a longer period of time to rush around is as I rush around at a slower pace these days ????.

Been Shopping Pauline
Well I just about finish dressing as Pauline texts to say she is on the way, when she arrives with the taxi we get the wheelchair in and then off we go down to the commercial road precinct so that I can pay a couple of monthly bills. Pauline then goes into the card shop to get a couple of cards before we decide that as it is now 12.00 we will have a coffee and a snack at Gregg,s cafe in the Precinct. We sit outside as it is very sunny and pleasant.

Gregg,s Cafe in the Precinct
It is very pleasant sat out in the sun having our coffee and it is busier today, as I think the Sun has got people into a better mood so the market stalls are doing a brisker trade than they were last week.
looking south down the Precinct from outside greggs.
Looking South from outside Greggs
looking West from Outside Greggs
Once we have finished our snack Pauline goes to get her cigarettes, and a Morning Paper for me and then we go over to Morrisons stopping off at Sainsburys on the way as Pauline wants to return a top she bough last week and I need to get some Gluten Free Porridge and Biscuits which I can't get at Morrisons, At Sainsburys me and Pauline stop so I can take a Photograph to show that I am following store policy for customers
Thank you Pauline for your fantastic sense of humour.
Oooooh Cauliflower
anyway once we have finished in Sainsburys we make our way to Morrisons, well again I am pleased that I have been able to walk up until now pushing the wheelchair but my legs have just about had enough as we approach the morrisons car park so it is into the wheelchair to be pushed around Morrisons with a trolly. One we have finished in morrisons we get a Taxi home and get the shopping put away before having a coffee and then Pauline gets her Taxi home while I get the Vegetable prepared for dinner tonight, make a coffee and get todays Journal started.

Ok so it is now 4.25 and I am feeling a little tired and in need of a lie down as it was a good but busy day so I will get this Journal posted and say Bye Bye until tomorrow.

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