Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Guess What, It,s Raining "again"

Welcome to Portsmouth
And a very good day to you all, well it was confirmed on the TV this morning that it has been the coldest spring for 3 years so all this panic about "Global Warming", Climate change" , "impending doom" is in my mind totally unfounded all we are seeing is a change in the weather patterns, that occur on a regular basis and have done for many centuries it is just that people do not remember what the weather was like 30 years ago. either that or do as I do and "Blame the Government" LOL. anyway here is the next 5 day weather forecast as produced by the "Meteorological Department"

and if you do not believe me here are two screen shots from the weather forecast in May 1983 ( when my son Gervase was 2 years old)
May 1983

Tomorrow May 1983

Can you see the similarity,s to today weather forecast.
Wednesday 29th May 2013
Becoming a Grumpy o;d Man
Well so there you have it "Todays" Gripe, I really am becoming a Grumpy old man, much like my Hero "Victor Meldrew" from the Sitcom "One Foot In the Grave" anyway there we are then,and now for the rest of the daily journal for today.

well after such a really nice day down at Gunwharf supporting the UK "Myositis Support Group" with Pauline and Gordon, I got home absolutely Knackered for want of a better word, anyway got my dinner at 7.00 pm and then settled down to an evening inn front of the TV before going to bed at 10.30, after listening to the Local radio I got off to sleep at about 11.15 and had a bit of a restless night as I was all aches and Pains, which were probably the result of being pushed across the old cobbled streets of Historic Portsmouth on the way to the Gunwharf and back again. as The area leading to the Gunwharf and the spinnaker tower is the original "Portsmouth" and is full of the old Cobbled Streets some dating back to the 18th Century
Not the best surface to push a wheel chair.
Getting Dressed Ready to give  blood
anyway after a couple of Paracetamol I slept through until about 8.30 when I eventually made a coffee and then took that in to the lounge to send the morning text to Pauline before getting some "Chocolate Stars" Gluten free cereal for breakfast at 9.15. Pauline phones back about 9.00 to say that she will book a taxi for 10.15 to collect me and take me to the Eastney Health Centre to see Debbie as it is time for my Monthly Blood Tests.So at 9.45 I have a shave and get ready for when Pauline arrives and then we are off to give the Blood.

Go Gordon Go.
Once we are at the health centre we do not have long to wait and then I am in to give blood and then afterwards I phone for a taxi to take us home to collect the wheel chair and then off down to the city centre to get the shopping, we have not got to get a lot today so won't be out to long, when we get home to collect the wheelchair Gordon has arrived to get the flat cleaning done while Pauline and I are out shopping so that is Ok.
Once we are down town we go into Boots the chemist to get a couple of bits and pieces I get some tablets for "Flatulence", but they have not got any of the "Stay Dry Pants" that I need so anyway after we have been to the bank and Building Society we make our way into Tesco to get te shopping Done, we check in Tesco and they have some "Tenna Pants" so that is OK and I get them there, along with the other bits and Pieces
The affect we have on Checkout  Staff
 Once we have got what we need in Tesco we go into there cafeteria for a coffee and a snack, we both have a Latte each and Pauline has a 'Sausage Bap" and I have a "Sausage and Chips" we both enjoy our snack and then afterwards we go to the checkout to pay for the shopping and then outside where I phone Citywide for a Taxi to take us back home where gordon will hopefully be waiting for us with a clean flat and the coffee made.

Writing the daily Journal
Once we are hame Gordon makes the coffee while I put the shopping away before we settle down for a chat and then Pauline and Gordon make there way back home. Once they have left I make another coffee and then speak with Leanne on the phone before settling down to get todays Journal written, It is now 3.35 so I am going to get this journal posted and then settle down with a coffee and the Daily Paper before Pointless on BBC 1 at 5.15 and then dinner at 6.30 so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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