Thursday, May 9, 2013

Its a very windy Thursday today.

Time to get up again
It was a musical awakening this morning when I turned on the radio to a Tom Jones Song. It was a good nights sleep and I slept right the way through last night and woke up this morning at about 7.30 so pleased with that, anyway once I was awake I went to the kitchen for the obligatory "First Coffee" of the day before going back to bed to listen to the radio until 8.30 when I sent te morning text to Pauline.
On the phone to Pauline

Once I had sent the text to pauline I get myself some porridge for breakfast before putting out the rubbish bag for the bin men, Pauline phones to say that Gordon will take us down to the city centre for shopping today as he is not working today as he has to get a couple of new tyre,s fitted to his car today so they will do todays jobs tomorrow, anyway they will be round about 11.00 to collect me so that is OK.

Almost Ready
Once I have spoken to Pauline I settle down to phone the Council offices to pay this months Council tax and then  log onto the laptop to check out my emails and facebook. I see that the spam folder is getting more emails in it than the in box folder, so once they are all deleted I check the genuine emails but nothing earth shattering there so on to facebook to see who is on there and to catch up on the facebook games before switching off and going to get ready for when Pauline and Gordon Arrive.

Pauline and gordon arrive at about 11.00 so we get the wheelchair into the car and off we go, gordon drives to Kwik-fit down at the city centre and while he is having the Tyre,s fitted me and Pauline go off to get my Prescription made up at Boot,s the Chemist and get some shopping in Wilkinson,s.
Kwik-Fit Portsmouth City Centre.
An afternoon Nap
Once we have got the shopping in Wilkinson,s and got my prescription made up we make our way over to morrisons to get the food shopping, when we get there Gordon is waiting for us , so we go and get the shopping and then once we have that we have a spot of lunch and a coffee before Gordon takes us back home. Once home we get the shopping put away and then have a coffee before Gordon and Pauline head home and I go for a lie down for an hour.

Well after my lie down I get the dinner prepared for tonight and then make a coffee and go and get this Journal written for today, It has not been a bad day today although the weather has not been great, very windy and lots of gray clouds but the rain has kept away so far, anyway it is 4.30 and gervase has just phoned to say he will be in to see me on the way home from work tonight so he can take his Birthday card with him tonight, as it is his Birthday on Sunday, I can't believe it was 32 years ago that he was born, Where have the years gone to.
Happy Birthday for Sunday Gervase.
Well that is about it for today then folks so I will get this Journal Posted and until tomorrow and the dreaded Methotrexate I will say Bye Bye.

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