Thursday, May 23, 2013

And winter returns again today.

The british holiday weather.
Yes You heard right, winter has returned once again to our fair Island, Rain, Hail, Gale force winds, you name it we have it today and tomorrow, ( I blame the Government LOL) anyway, here on the South Coast it is cold and breezy with a few outbreaks of Sunshine, but seeing as it is coming towards the end of may it is well below normal temperatures but then again it is another Bank Holiday weekend this weekend so not surprising really .

This weekend there is a charity abseiling event  down the spinnaker tower at the Gunwharf shopping centre on Bank Holiday Monday, There are several people (team Muscle) abseiling to raise funds for the "myositis support group" and Pauline and Gordon will be taking me down there to support them.
The Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth
A Good Nights sleep
well it was a decent nights sleep last night, and I slept through from about 11.30 to 7.30 this morning, that is the one thing that is positive from tapering the Prednisolone and that is I am sleeping better at night, trouble is I am sleeping more during the day as well, still must not complain, I have to take Paracetamol at night before going to bed to ease the aches in my leg and I also take a paracetamol in the morning as well and that helps to manage the aches during the day.

Well once I was awake I went and made a coffee and took back to bed where I lay listening to the radio, and also had a visit from next doors cat who came in for a few minutes. however at 8.30 I got up and went into the lounge with another coffee and some cereal for breakfast and sent a text to Pauline, Pauline sent a text back to say that she would phone when she was back home after taking Misty for her morning walk.

Getting ready to go shopping
Well after breakfast I settle down with the laptop to check out emails and Facebook and then Pauline phones at 9.30 to say that she will book a Taxi at 10.45 to come and collect me and we can go shopping down the city centre and then Morrisons, so that is Ok although I will not be doing any Walking today so will be confined to the wheel chair. Anyway at 10.15 it is time to go and have a shave and then get ready for when Pauline arrives.  Pauline arrives at about 10.55 and we get everything in the Taxi and then the Taxi refuses to start, I did feel sorry for the driver but at least it was one of our usual ones so he contacts the office and another Taxi soon arrives and again it is one of our regular drivers so he soon gets us down to the city centre.

Shopping in Morrisons
once down town we walk around the shops and get what we want and then make our way over to morrisons where we have lunch and then get the shopping done, while we are in Morrisons we meet Pauline,s sister Janet and her Husband Fred. we have a good old natter and then carry on with the shopping, once we have everything we get it paid for and then once outside we get a taxi back home.

Fresh fruit and vegetable area
Writing Today,s Journal
When we are in the Taxi heading home Gordon rings Pauline to say he is back in Portsmouth so he will meet us at my place and sure enough gordon is waiting when we get home, once indoors I make the coffee,s and then we have a chat and get the shopping put away before Pauline and Gordon head home and I make another coffee and then settle down to get todays journal written and posted as it is nearly 4.00 before I get it started.
Well the time has really gone fast today and it is now 5.30 so I will get todays journal posted and then settle down in the recliner for a lazy evening in front of the TV, so until tomorrow I will say Bye, Bye.

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