Wednesday, May 29, 2013

and another Wednesday is upon us,

The Morning coffee
Well here we are again and this morning the Sun is shining and the Sky is blue and this is at 7.30 am and by 10.00 am the Sun has gone and the grey clouds are arriving oh well at least I had a decent nights sleep last night. Slept through from 11.30 until 7.00 this morning so pleased about that and then at 7.30 it was into the kitchen to get a coffee to take back to bed where I lazed listening to the radio until getting up and dressed and into the lounge at 9.00 to send the Morning text to Pauline.

The Flat inspection
At 9.30 I get some Breakfast and then Pauline phones to say that she is just off out with Misty for the morning walk so we have a chat and then I go round to Tesco Express to get my Morning paper, and then back home to settle down to wait for the girl from the letting agency to come round and carry out the 3 monthly inspection of the property,

Noel Coward
Anyway I have no idea what time she will be coming to carry out the inspection as it will take all of 10 minutes to do as there are only 4 rooms to check, anyway after shopping yesterday and the trip to Gunwharf on Monday I can do with a day of rest indoors today anyway It gives me a chance to indulge in some "You tube" viewing on the smart TV, so  I am watching some old "Noel Coward" clips of his songs, he was a very clever song writer and also his views were very controversial for the time, however after listening to the news the last couple of day and the proposal to "Cap the number of Visits to a GP that you can make in a year " and also the charity today who proposes "withdrawing Bus Passes to pensioners and giving them to under 25 year olds" I thought the lyrics of the Noel Coward song "There are bad times just around the corner" was applicable

After listening to some Noel Coward I decided at 1.00 to have some Gluten Free Bacon and red Lentil soup for lunch, this is one of the range of Baxters Gluten free soups and is very tasty and easy and quick to prepare, well I enjoyed that with a couple of crisp bread and then settled down to watch a George Formby movie on You tube. The movie was made in 1944 and stars "George Formby" and "Anne Firth"  it is a very funny movie in Black and White and plays full screen on the smart TV. 
Bell Bottom George 1944
well the  Girl from the Letting Agents arrives about 2.45 to carry out the property inspection and is gone by 2.50 so that is over and done with and no problems , so I finish watching the film and then go and make a coffee and then settle down to get todays Journal written.
So there we are then, it is now 4.40 and I am just about ready to settle down with a coffee to watch Pointless on  BBC1 before getting tonight,s dinner in to cook. Tonight I will be having a roast Chicken joint with a Jacket potato, so looking forward to that, I have enjoyed my restful day and tomorrow it will be a busy shopping day so I am going to get this Journal posted, so until  tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye. 

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