Saturday, May 11, 2013

And we welcome another saturday

yes Folks it is another Saturday and Surprise Surprise the Sun has decided to make an appearance today, much to my surprise.

Lazing in Bed.
But there are also some grey clouds around as well so it will probably be a day of Sunny periods mixed with showers and also very breezy. at least it has to be better than last night as I got woken up in the early hours by heavy rain rattling on the window,s so did not have a very good nights sleep last night . anyway after a restless night I decided that at 7.30 I would get a coffee and take back to bed and just laze around listening to the radio before eventually getting up and dressed at 9.00. am.

Misty Ready for her walk
Once I had got up and into the Lounge I take my Lansoprazole and then send the Morning Text to Pauline. Pauline phone,s back to say that all is Ok with her, Gordon has just got up after his lie in and Pauline said that she was up early as she went to bed early last night, she has just got back in after taking misty out for her morning walk and that the common was soaking wet after all the overnight rain. Once I had finished talking with Pauline I get myself some Gluten Free Porridge for Breakfast and then  settle down to check out the emails and facebook on the laptop.

The Morning Paper
well once I have checked out the emails and facebook I take a walk round to the Paper shop to get my morning paper, the sun has gone in and it is quite cloudy now and the wind is a bit blustery So I won,t be round there for long, anyway on the way back I stop for a chat with a lady who used to work at the same school as my wife Christine did, we have a nice chat and then I head back indoors and make a cup of tea and and have a couple of Shortbread biscuits while I read the paper. after that I watch a couple of episodes of 'The Walton,s" they are showing the first series on one of the movie channels on Sky at the moment.
The Walton,s
Washing up the dishes
well the time is now getting on so at 1.30 I make myself an egg Sandwich with a nice cup of tea and then after that I go for a lie down for 30 minutes before getting some tidying up and washing up done out in the kitchen and then into the lounge with a coffee to watch some old episodes of "Last of the Summer wine" on the gold channel and then starting todays journal at 2.30.
Just as I start to get the journal written I get a Phone call from Gervase to see how I am and to say that he will be round to see me tomorrow on his birthday,

Last of the Summer wine
Agitated Seagull
 well the time is getting on and it is now 3.30 and it has got very dark and the wind s increasing in force, the Seagull,s have come in land and are flying around above the flats here so it looks as though we have a storm coming in this afternoon, hopefully it will not be to prolonged, anyway that is really about it for today, so I will get this journal posted and until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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