Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Sunny Day in Sunny Southsea.

Sunday Morning Lie In
And a very Jolly welcome to a very Sunny Day here in Southsea on the South Coast of England. It is such a pleasure to have some really nice weather after the last 12 months so hopefully it will continue and we can enjoy a fine and Sunny bank Holiday. Anyway I had a great nights sleep last night waking only once in the night and woke at 7.30 this morning. Went and made a coffee and then took that back to bed and lazed in bed until 9.00. (Well it is Sunday)

The Big Question
At 9.00 I get up and send the morning text to Pauline and then get myself some Porridge for breakfast at about 9.45. Once I have had that I get on the laptop to check emails and facebook and then I receive a phone call from Pauline to say that all is OK with them, so I now go and get the washing up done before settling down to watch the Big Question program on TV.
In The Bath for a Laugh

While I am watching that I speak to Gervase on the phone and let him Know I am going to have a bath and so I will have my phones with me incase I have a problem, and he can then come round and sort me out. so I put the program on to record and go and run a bath, and then after that I can have a shave and get ready for when Gervase comes round to take me shopping.

And Now A Shave
Well I managed to get into the bath without to much trouble, but getting out is a bit of hard work, anyway with a lot of huffing and puffing I manage to get out, so that is OK and it was so nice just relaxing in the warm water, I normally have  a shower which is so much easier, but I do much prefer a bath. anyway once I am out of the bath and dried of I have a shave and then get myself dressed ready for when Gervase arrives.

I decide to have a nice Jam Sandwich and a banana and a Yoghurt for lunch. I am going to have to loose weight as according to my BMI Chart I need to loose about 2 stone, and looking at my body this morning I am in total agreements so I am seriously thinking of getting myself a rollator so I can get myself out for gentle strolls to the park or along the sea front during the summer as I find it hard work and unsteady with just a walking cane, and the wheelchair is a bit cumbersome when I am on my own, I have seen one that I like s will have a look at one over the next couple of weeks.

Sunday Politics.
Well Gervase Phones to say he will be coming to me about 1.30 to 2.00 so while I am waiting I watch the recording of "the Big Question and then watch the recording of the Sunday Politics Show which was broadcast at midday and which I also recorded. once I had watched that I make a coffee and then gervase arrives at about 2.15 so we decide that we will go shopping down at Asda at Fratton as I do not have much to get and then we can drive back home along the sea front.

Well we drive back home along the sea front and it is very busy with so many things going on including a heavy horse show and a fun fair, many people out on the common having bbq,s and a lot of traffic. anyway here are a couple of stock Photographs of Southsea in the sunshine.
A view along the promenade from Southsea Castle towards South Parade Pier
Clarence Pier
Canoe Lake
Well that is about it for today people, it is now 6.40 and I am running late with everything which is unusual for me (NOT) anyway I am cheating with dinner tonight as I am having a ready meal tonight, it is a Chicken chow mein made with gluten free noodles so will enjoy that so I have just taken my Lansoprazole and will be having dinner in Thirty Minutes, so I will get this Journal posted and hopefully will be more organised tomorrow so until then I will say Bye Bye.

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