Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The day after the Fall

well here we are stuck indoors with a very painful right leg from behind the knee down to the ankle, the moral of the story is " Do not fall over" so it looks like I am stuck indoors for the day with the TV and the laptop, you may ask well what is different then, well normally on my days indoors I can get round to get my daily paper and also potter around in the garden , but as it is very painful when I put any weight on my leg that is a No No Today,

So here we are stuck indoors with time to think about nothing in particular and everything in general, anyway it is a good time to get sorting all my family history research items and get them into some kind of order, so that is what todays blog is going to be about as nothing exciting is going to happen today, and I do not really want to sit here glued to the TV Screen.

I started to research my family history in about 2008, the reason was that we lost touch with my paternal family in about 1955 2 years after my Father died, we kept in touch with my Mums family "The Hubbards" but lost contact with my Fathers family "The Smiths" so 5 years after Mum passed away I decided to try and trace my family heritage on both sides of the family and so the journey began.

Well it is now 2.45 and I got a lot of Sorting out of the family history bit and pieces done and archived, all the birth, marriage and death certificates, Letters, Photo,s etc, many of them bringing back memories of days gone bye, anyway I have decided that I need to carry on with writing the family history books for the family.
Time to get the next book started
I have written 6 books for the family that I have found around the world, many I have never met and some I have not seen since the 1950,s  I have also produced 6 DVD,s of our family History and before I was diagnosed with DM in May 2011 I had got the format worked out to write book number 7 so will now start to get that written this year.

Below are the books and DVD.s that I have done so far, These were compiled for family members and are fully illustrated.
My Maternal Family from Kent
My Family from 1914 to 2010
My Paternal Grandfather his Naval Career
A Family Ancestor Robert Fowler

George Dedman His military career
Benjamin Jupp. His Royal Marine Career
Those are the books I have written and printed so far, and below are the DVD,s I have compiled and produced.

So that is about it for today a very productive day of getting everything sorted out and archived and also getting ready for the next phase of the ever growing Family History research. Below is the next book that will be written,
This book will look at the main people in the family history from John Michael who was born and came from Prussia through to my paternal and maternal grand parents, and so the story revolves

so now that I have totally bored you all I will get this journal posted and take my leave until tomorrow so until then I will say Tatty Bye.

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  1. Well frank I hope your leg gets better soon, At least it will stop you getting down to the new shopping center at Fareham & spending all your money, I expect the next thing will be to have chanel 4 down there with Mary Portas,anyway next time you go out in the morning take more water with it.

    Regards Mike