Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Change is as good as a rest

Well that,s how the saying goes anyway............

Hello Co-Codamol
And Wednesday is upon us once again, good news to report is that I slept pretty well last night sleeping from about 12.00 until 7.30 this morning, and also only took one Co-Codamol and that saw me through the night and also I have not had to take any Co-Codamol today so far, so hopefully I will get through the day with no Pain and then  will probably take one before bed tonight.

Save our NHS
Anyway once I was awake I went to the bathroom and then to the kitchen to get a coffee which I take back to bed and just have a Lazy time listening to the local radio. I got really interested in the discussion going on about the introduction of the 111 number for medical advice, apparently the people who answer the phone are non medical call centre staff, who have to ask a load of questions from a set script and then make a decision about your health, How can that be right ?? apparently they normally send you to the A&E anyway so that is now causing problems with ill people waiting up to 6 hours to be seen by a junior doctor. The whole National Health Service is being totally mismanaged by the Government and the Money Men, Something must change soon or we will not have a health service in this country.

Pauline having her Blood test
Oh Dear there I go getting on my soapbox again (Sorry Folks) anyway back to this morning, about 8.45 I send a text to Pauline as she is off to see her doctor this morning to give the blood for her blood test prior to her seeing the doctor up at the QA Hospital tomorrow afternoon regarding a Vocal chord test and then they will arrange the appointment for her to have the operation on her Thyroid.  anyway I do not expect Pauline to phone before she is back home from the doctors, so once I get up about 9.45 I get some Porridge for breakfast and then settle down to check out my emails and Facebook.

The day that the
rain came down
anyhow at about the same time as I get Breakfast Pauline phones to say that she is back home and she got caught in a rain shower on the way back home from the doctors, it was raining when she left this morning so got a Taxi as it was also cold and wet when she took misty out earlier, anyway it was dry when she came out of the doctors so decided to walk home, she was almost home when it really rained hard for about 10 minutes and it was also very windy as well so, she got quite wet, anyway she was home ok so  that is Ok.

Read the Morning Paper
well once I have spoken to Pauline I go round to get my morning paper, at least it is not raining but it is very windy walking round there, ( good job I am wearing my "Tenna for men") it is very gold and blustery out here today so I am glad when I get back home indoors with a nice hot coffee, so I settle into the armchair and read the paper and then get the crosswords completed and then it is nearly time for the lunch time news on BBC 1

The new lunch time
Now we are going to make a "change" to my normal daily routine, Yesterday as you may have read in the daily Journal I had a cooked meal for lunch with Pauline and Gordon at Morrisons, and I did not want anything to heavy so just had a couple of home made salmon fish cakes with a parsley Sauce and a couple of crisp bread and I had no problems at all with reflux yesterday evening and really slept well SO.... I am going to carry out an experiment where I have a cooked meal about 2.00 lunchtime and just have a light snack about 7.00 in the evening, and see if this improves my acid reflux and also helps my sleeping patterns, if it works it will be a positive result if it does not make any difference at least I have not lost anything by trying. 

Well at 1.30 I get my dinner started in the oven and it is ready for 2.10. It is the usual Sea bream with cauliflower cheese and new potato,s and then after lunch I settle down to watch an old Movie on the TV, I am taking it easy again today and so far I have had no Pains in my Knee and have not taken any pain killers today so that is good news. anyway the film I am watching is " Millions Like Us" it was made in 1943 and stars "Anne Crawford", "Patricia Roc" and a very young "Gordon Jackson" it tells the story of War time England and the relationship between an airman and a young factory girl..
Millions Like us 1943
While I am watching that I am also getting this Journal written so you can see I can also "Multi Task" anyway after the film has finished I decide to watch a couple of episodes of "On the Buses" with "Reg Varney, Stephen Lewis, and Anna Karen. this was an old sitcom shown on ITV from 1969 to 1973 and was a very funny show

On the Buses 1969 - 1973
so that is about it then really It has been a very relaxing day and a very good day all in all. it is now almost 5.00 so I am going to get this Journal finished and Posted before Pointless starts on BBC1 at 5.15 so until Tomorrow I will say Adios.

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