Monday, May 6, 2013

Bank Holiday Monday and the Sun is out.

A Good Nights Sleep
Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! the sun is out, the sky is blue It looks like the Bank Holiday monday is going to be a warm and sunny day this year, "Makes a change" anyway I hope you all enjoy a good bank Holiday. I did not go to bed until late last night as I was up watching Peter Kay on the TV last night at his show at the O2 it was so funny but I had to go to bed before it finished as I was falling asleep in the recliner but I saw most of it. I slept well last night and woke once about 3.30 for the bathroom and then slept through until about 6.45, so happy with that.

Get the laundry sorted
to go to Pauline
Once I was awake I went into the kitchen to make a coffee and took back to bed and listened to the Radio until 8.30 when I took my 15 mg of Lansoprazole and then text Pauline to let her know that all was OK. At 9.00 I had some Gluten Free Chocolate Stars for breakfast and took my Prednisolone and Folic acid, I then had a very nice Phone call from my Cousin Mike in Fareham . we had a nice chat and and then Pauline rings to say that all is OK with them and that Gordon will be over later to do the Monday flat cleaning for me and to make sure I send my dirty laundry back with him so that she can get it washed and out on the line. "Yes Boss" "Whatever you say Boss". LOL.

It is going to be a really warm day today here on the south coast with Sunshine all day and temperatures about 15C along the coast.
Yes Non Stop Sunshine today folks
Go Gordon Go
anyway while I am waiting for Gordon I check out facebook and then Gordon arrives about 11.00 so time for a coffee, Gordon gets my Garden table and chairs out for me so we sit out there and have our coffee in the fresh air, I keep to the shaded area while gordon goes for the sunny spot. Anyway we have a nice chat and then while Gordon gets started with the cleaning I go and get my Morning Paper.
Like the Apron Gordon

Once I am back home I settle to read the paper and chat with Gordon until he has done all the cleaning and dusting and then we have another coffee outside in the back yard before he starts the vacuuming and floor washing. after that it is the Monday weigh in and I am still about 12.5 stone and gordon about 11.5 stone, I really must lose some weight.
Washing up the lunchtime items

well once Gordon has gone I get myself a Cheese and Chive Sandwich for lunch with a cup of tea and then once I have enjoyed that I go and get the washing up done before preparing the vegetable for tonight,s dinner and then I go out into the back garden to get the daily journal started.

It is really nice outside in the fresh air with the laptop and sitting in the shade is just right for me.
All ready to start the daily Journal 

Laptop and Coffee at the ready

Hope this weather continues
Once it starts to get to hot I move into the lounge to carry on with the journal, Gordon sends me a Photo that he has taken on Southsea common so I presume he and Pauline have walked down to the common with Misty, it looks very busy down there today.
The common looks very green
well there we are then that was my day and it has been a good day, it is now 4.00 and I am going to get a coffee made and then finish reading my Paper and get the crosswords done before it is time to watch the TV News, I have been listening to radio solent and they have said that the weather is supposed to be like this tomorrow and then it will all change on Wednesday, so if the weather stays like this tomorrow Pauline and I will probably catch the Ferry across the Harbour and do our shopping in Gosport.
Stock Photo of the ferry running between Portsmouth Harbour and Gosport.
well that is about it now until tomorrow so I will get this posted and say Bye Bye until tomorrow.

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