Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another day of Shopping and Treating

and here is a cartoon to start the day with a cheerful smile:.......
The Morning Coffee is a Must
Well after a day of decreasing aches in my legs yesterday the aches eventually got up and left later in the evening so at least I had a decent nights sleep last night, went to bed at about 11.30 and slept right the way through until 7.30 this morning.
Once I had woken I drew the curtains to find that like yesterday it was a grey and dull looking day outside so went and made a coffee and went back to bed until 9.00 when I got up to get some Porridge for breakfast and the into the lounge to text pauline and to watch the Sunday politic show on the TV.

The reason I like to watch the politic shows on a sunday morning is when the presenters ask the Politicians awkward but straightforward questions, the answers are so funny it is like a script from the Sitcom from 1986/87 "Yes Prime Minister" with Paul Eddington and Nigel Hawthorne
"Yes Prime Minister 1986 - 1987
The trouble is the sunday politic shows are not sitcoms it is real life and the politicians actually believe that we will fall for all the rubbish they spout. Anyway that is enough of me on my soap box for today.

Once I have watched the show and checked out my emails and facebook, Pauline phones to say that all is Ok with them and that Gordon is out with misty but it is light rain at the moment so they won't be out long although Misty does like the rain and running through puddles. anyway I have a chat with Pauline and then settle down to watch some old episodes of "Friends" on the Comedy Central TV Channel. It is one of my Favourite American sitcoms.

Friend 1994 - 2004
At 12.00  Gervase phones to say that he will be round about 1.45 and we can go shopping so we decide that we will go up to Sainsburys at Farlington to get the shopping so I get myself washed, shaved and dressed and then do myself a couple of slices of cheese on toast with a couple of Poached eggs for my lunch. and then settle down with the iPad until Gervase arrives
Well Gervase arrives at about 2.00 so we go up to Sainsburys and get the shopping.
Sainsburys at Farlington.
Once we have got the shopping and back out to the car I ask gervase if we can go round to "Currys" on the way home as I saw in Dave Woods Blog yesterday about an express Boil Kettle he has, now as I am finding it difficult at times to lift a kettle and pour into a cup/mug I thought that it might be a good idea to look at one as it dispenses boiling water straight into a cup. well at Currys they did not have the Tefal one but they had a couple of other makes and I looked at the "Morphy Richards" one decided it was just what I needed, so I decided to purchase it there and then, it was a bit expensive but Well worth the money I think, the other one was a "Brevell" it was slightly cheaper but I got the dearer one as you could alter the amount of water it dispensed from a cup to a mug.
Currys Ocean Retail Park, Portsmouth.
Well once home we get the shopping unloaded and the Express Dispensing kettle all unpacked and set up and it works a treat so thank you Dave for putting that in your blog, it will certainly make life easier and safer for me,

Express Kettle One Excellent machine
Well so that is my first cup of coffee using my new dispensing kettle, anyway it is now almost 5.30 and while I have been writing this Journal I have been watching/listening to the movie "Evans Almighty" an excellent film anyway I am now going to get this journal finished and posted so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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