Friday, May 10, 2013

And Welcome to another Friday.

No energy and it is
 Raining Again

The one thing that I detest about tapering Prednisolone is the lack of energy that goes with it, I am now down to 11 mg on alternate days and from Monday I will be down to 10 mg on Alternate days, and although I am pleased to be reducing down on the Prednisolone, I do wish that my energy would not reduce with it. well that is the first of todays moan over.

The second Moan is about this stupid Weather we seem to be having lately. What i want to know is where is summer in what is known as Sunny Southsea, since victorian times and before people used to flock to "Sunny Southsea" for the bank holidays and summer holidays, not any more though if this weather keeps up.
Well it was a really windy night last night and there are strong winds again today, but at least the rain has kept away but it looks like this weather is not going to improve much in the next few days according to the Meteorological Office.
First coffee of the day

Anyway that is the way to start my Daily journal, I bet you all feel depressed now LOL. anyway It was not a bad nights sleep, Not good but not bad, I went off to sleep about 11.00 last night and woke about 7.00 so can't complain really, but then again Why not ?
Anyway once I was awake it was into the bathroom and then into the kitchen to make a coffee, which I took back to bed where I stayed Lazing until 8.30 listening to the radio before getting up and going into the Lounge.

You must be Joking
Once in the Lounge I text Pauline and then get a banana and a Yoghurt for Breakfast before settling down to watch "Fake Britain "on the TV and also checking out my emails and facebook on the laptop. about 9.30 Pauline phones to say that Her and Gordon are up in Salisbury and they are both OK, They have a busy day today as they have yesterdays jobs to do today as well. Once I have spoken to Pauline I go round to get my Morning Paper, I really do think that I have overdone the walking this week especially on Tuesday over in Gosport as I am still having a lot of aches in my right Hip/Thigh area,s. The doctor seems to think that it is due to the tapering of the prednisolone along with me trying to do to much as all the lab results are OK, anyway we are going to look at maybe starting some light Physio, to try and build the remaining undamaged muscle,

Once I am back home with the Paper I settle down in the recliner to read the paper and do the crossword while listening to the radio, before long it is nearly lunchtime so I go and have a coffee in the back yard where it is sheltered from the wind before getting the Vegetable prepared for Dinner and then I make a nice cheese omelette for lunch, after which I go for a lie down for 30 minutes before taking the dreaded Methotrexate,
The rest of the afternoon is spent watching TV and playing around on the computer until 3.00 when I start todays Journal, anyway it is now 4.20 so I will get this Journal Posted and then I can get a nice cup of tea and settle down to watch Pointless on the TV at 5.15 before getting dinner started at 6.00 so until then I will say Bye Bye from a sunny Southsea "NOT"

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