Saturday, May 18, 2013

And its another Saturday and the weather is....................

Not very nice at all.

I Wish
Good morning one and all and here we are on a very grey and dull saturday morning, it is 7.30 and I have just woken from a decent nights sleep, although my legs feel as if I have just run a marathon, Ha Ha, thats a thought, you can just imagine the tannoy announcement  at the finishing line "And here is Frank just crossing the finishing line in a record time of 5 weeks, 6 days, 11 hours and 54 seconds, knocking  1 hour 3 minutes of of last years time." well I think in all honesty that I could run a Marathon around Portsmouth, on "Google Maps"
Todays Breakfast

Well although my leg are aching this morning at least I know it is "Muscle Ache" and at least the pain on the knee seems to have disappeared, anyway it is not unusual to have a "crap' time at sometime over the weekend with the "Methotrexate" and also just started the next stage of tapering the Prednisolone yesterday so now on to just 10 mg on Alternative days so no Prednisolone yesterday, anyway I laze in bed with a coffee until 9.00 when I make another coffee and some Toast and Marmalade and go into the lounge to text Pauline.

Tefal Express Kettle
Once I have finished Breakfast, I get on the laptop and check out my emails, It takes me more time to delete the "Spam Emails" than it does to read the genuine ones, anyway after that I check out the portsmouth News website and then go onto facebook and check out who is around, I see that "Dave" from Croydon has pasted in his myositis blog, so go and read his blog, it really is an interesting blog to read for all who suffer from Myositis, he has written a post today about the gadgets he uses to suit his illness and I would highly recommend it as a must read Blog. one idea I have got from it today is a " Tefal Express Kettle" it dispenses a set amount of boiling water for hot drinks etc, this will be ideal for me as I am starting to find it more difficult to lift and pour from a kettle these days. I will put the link to "Dave,s" Blog at the end of my blog.

Well Pauline phones to say that all is Ok with her and Gordon but does not like this dull weather, after that gervase Phones to check that all is Ok. He and Leanne went over to the "Mayflower Theatre" in Southampton last night to see the "Rocky Horror Show" they had a good time and I think it was the first time Leanne had seen it. It is the first time that Gervase has seen the stage show although he has seen the film several time and is a big fan of it. Going to Southampton to see it on stage was a Birthday treat to Gervase from Leanne.

Reading the daily paper
Well once I have spoken to Gervase and Pauline, I get dressed and then go round to get my daily paper, it is a good job I have not got far to walk but at least it is giving the legs a bit of exercise and giving me a breath of fresh air, Once I have the paper and get back home I make a coffee and then settle down to read the paper and listen to the local radio, they are playing a lot of the old 1970 songs this morning, they bring back a lot of memories as it was in the early 70,s that I met my late wife Christine, anyway I read the paper and get the crossword  done and at 12.30 I go for a lie down for an hour before getting myself my dinner.

Chicken Korma and rice (stock Photo) 
well I am finding that eating dinner early has been keeping the acid reflux away, and helping my digestion so it is looking good at the moment as I have been able to reduce my daily intake of Lansoprazole down from 30 mg Daily to 15 mg Daily so that is a plus. anyway I have decided to have a tasty "Chicken Korma" for dinner today, It will probably play havoc with my bowels so will not have the daily laxative today, but I get fed up with the same old bland food day after day so need occasionally to say "What the Heck" and go for it.

Well I enjoyed that Korma, and it was gluten free as it was thickened with Coconut. anyway once I had finished that it is time to settle down and get todays journal written and posted. Todays weather has been very dull with a couple of periods of sunshine but it has been very mild with no breeze and quite close really, so possibly thunder on the way this evening, anyway I need to get this Journal posted and then settle down to an evening of TV and thankfully my legs are not aching as much now, so the lie down did it a lot of good so must remember that whatever else happens I must not have a dream about Running a marathon tonight LOL, and by the look of the 5 day weather forecast it is going to be a dull week ahead.

So as promised earlier here is the Link to Dave,s Blog "myositis dave" and I would really recommend that you visit it and see how Dave copes with his Myositis.

You can visit Dave,s Blog Here

So until tomorrow I will get the steroids to play us out with a suitable tune.......

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