Tuesday, May 14, 2013

If in Doubt.... Design a book Cover.

Is it Morning already.
As the Illustration above say,s "Welcome to Tuesday". well I must say that taking the Co-Codamol has certainly helped to reduce the pain in my knee so I only took one capsule instead of two last night, and again this morning just took the one capsule and that seems to be enough, anyway I have taken the Laxido again just 1 sachet a day until I stop taking the Co-Codamol, anyway I slept well last night from 11.30 until 7.30 waking just once to use the bathroom.

Candy Crunch on the iPad
As is usual I lay in bed with a coffee and my iPad listening to the radio and playing Candy Crunch and pet rescue until 9.00 when I decide that I really should get a life and get up but my Profile bed is so easy to position into a raised position and in bed I have no aches and pains, but as always common sense prevails and i get up and go into the lounge with a coffee and sends the morning text to Pauline.

Once I have sent the morning text to Pauline I go and get some Porridge for breakfast and then settle down with the laptop to check out the "Usual Suspects" another lot of " Monetary offers I can not refuse" in the spam box today so those go the way of all good spam, and then I check the one or two proper emails before checking out facebook. Pauline phones me on her mobile from the common where she is out walking Misty, I can hardly hear what she is saying as the wind is very strong out there this morning and it is also raining, anyway Pauline is going to book a taxi for 11.30 so we can go shopping down town with the wheelchair. Just hope the rain is not to heavy then.

so it is 9.30 so I have an hour or so before I need to get ready for shopping so I decide that after last nights efforts of designing a book cover along the lines of the ?????? for Dummies which I have quite a few on my book shelf I did a cover for a book "Becoming Elderly for Myo's" this is just for a bit of fun and so this morning I did one for "Athletics for Myo's" this certainly has encouraged me to spend a bit more of the time I have getting back into my graphic designing that I used to Enjoy.

I suppose that thinking about it I could start up my own Publishing house "Squint and Limp Publishing "

Getting Washed and shaved ready
to go out shopping with Pauline.
Ok Frank that is enough stupidity for today, so I will put my sensible head back on and return to a form of Sanity. the morning has passed quite quickly and before I know it the time is 11.00 so time to get into the bathroom and get my wash and shave before getting dressed ready for when Pauline arrives with the taxi. Once I am all ready I get the wheelchair ready and the umbrellas and hats as it is still raining and then settle down to wait for Pauline. The Taxi and Pauline arrive a little bit early at just before 11.00, Pauline normally texts me when she is on the way but today she left her phone at home, anyway we get everything including me into the Taxi and we are off down to the city centre.

That,s Better, I can see again
Once down town I need to go into the Nationwide and then over to "Specsavers to collect my new Glasses" It is surprising how my eyesight has deteriorated in a year, I did not really notice it until I put on my new Glasses, after that I phone Gordon to say we are on the way over to morrisons so he will come down and meet us there. Pauline Pushes me in the wheelchair over to Morrisons and Gordon arrives with the car about 5 minutes after us, we go and get the shopping and then after paying for it Gordon and Pauline go and put it in the car and then we go into the morrisons cafe for Lunch.

Morrisons cafe is getting Busier as the store is becoming more popular anyway we each have a coffee , Pauline has a Sausage Roll and Gordon and I have a Mini  Sausage, Chips and Beans with Bread and butter, it goes down a treat so that is my Non Gluten free treat for this week. it was very tasty and Pauline had a few of my chips as there were to many for me apart from that I ate everything apart from the ends of one of the Sausages as it was a bit too crispy for me to swallow, after that, while I was showing Gordon how to search for Roy Roger Films on You Tube Pauline took a photo of us so I said we were watching "Blue Movies"
Searching for Roy Roger films on You Tube
Well once lunch was over, Gordon runs us back home where we get the  shopping put away and then have a coffee and a chat before Pauline and gordon head home, I then make another coffee, and then settle down at 3.00 to get the Journal written. My Son Gervase phones at 4.30  and he is coming in  to see me this evening on his way home from work, and as it is now 5.00 I will get this journal Posted and then settle down to watch Pointless on BBC1 which starts at 5.15 so I will say Bye bye until tomorrow.

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