Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Sunny Sunday

And Here we are on another Sunny Sunday in Portsmouth. I am so glad that the weather is nice today as today it is the Annual "Race for life" at Southsea in aid of Cancer Research. I know of several people taking part in this event and I wish them all every success.

The Seafront road near castle fields
Although I was not able to get down there and see the runners Gordon sent me a photograph of the ladies running along the seafront, there are two main races a 10 km and a 5 km.

Anyway I slept well last night after staying up until 11.00 watching "Mrs Browns Boys" on TV and stuffing myself with mister "Kipling Bakewell Slices" and am certainly paying for it today I can tell you, I really should not overload my system.

Scary Carer
Anyway that is my problem I do sometimes get so fed up watching what I eat that i "Indulge" and sod the consequences. It will sort itself out by tomorrow after reverting to my "Boring Diet"  anyway the carer arrives at 9.20. it is a new carer today as Jo has had her rota changed for today and is off with another client, I am not happy, however the carer is pleasant enough so she soon has me washed and groomed and is then off to her next client.

Here is misty
Once the Carer has gone I get myself some Wheatabix for breakfast and then text Pauline to let her know all is sorted here and settle down with the laptop to check e-mails and facebook. Pauline phones about 10.00 to say that they are out on the common with misty and that there are hundreds of people around for the Race for Life. so that is good anyway it is now time to have a shave and get dressed and then settle down to watch the politic shows on TV until it is time for lunch at 12.30. I need to get an early lunch as Gervase will be round to see me about 1.30.

At 12.30 I make myself a cheese omelette, so that was nice and tasty and then Gervase arrives at 2.00. Gervase has walked over to me today as the roads are all congested in Southsea and he lives right near the seafront, so we just take a walk round to the local Tesco Express to get some Salmon for dinner tonight and also some milk. we then go back home and have a nice chat putting the world to rights. It is His and Leanne,s 3rd Wedding anniversary tomorrow but Gervase is going to be up in london with work so they went out to celebrate on Friday.
Congratulations Gervase and Leanne. 3 years Tomorrow
Anyway, Gervase leaves about 3.30 to make his way back home and I go for a lie down for 30 minutes, and then decide I had better get this journal written or I will be in trouble.

Cooking Salmon ?
So that is basically the way my day has gone today, not done a lot but it has been an enjoyable day, and it was good to spend some time chatting with Gervase, anyway Sorry it is a short journal today but I will make up for it tomorrow. So Now I need to get it Posted onto the Blog and then think about getting dinner prepared. it will be poached Salmon tonight with New Potato,s and a Cauliflower cheese. all home prepared and cooked with fresh produce, had to many ready meals the last couple of days.

The weather forecast from the met office is looking good for the week ahead so that is a good bit of news, it is going to be getting warmer as the week goes on . and it is certainly looking good for tomorrow in the south of England
Weather forecast up to Thursday.
One other thing that cheered me up today was the Photograph that Gordon sent of a mode of transport he saw in Southsea today that he thought would be better for me than the wheelchair " I want One"
Better than a wheel chair or Electric Mobility scooter.
Anyway it is nearly 5.45 so I will say Bye Bye for today and leave you with todays "Day in History" from 1909.

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