Tuesday, July 24, 2012

To gunwharf we go.

Today was a brilliant day. Slept pretty well last night, apart from a but of "Acid Reflux" just as I went to bed. To many coffee,s before bed. anyway Jo the carer came at 8.30, and got me ready for the day and Pauline came with a Taxi at 10.45 to collect me and off we went down to "Gunwharf Quays" Shopping centre at the Hard, Portsmouth were we had a good old look round the shops.
Gunwharf 1
I have not been down to Gunwharf since I had a dizzy spell and collapsed at the beginning of the year, that is when I was taken to A&E and Fitted with the Reveal Heart monitor, so it was nice to go back down there in the sunshine. It was not that busy in the covered arcade
Gunwharf Craft and art Market.
We had a good old wander around the arcade and then made our way to the central outdoor concourse, there was a craft market in progress with lots of craft and arty stalls so we had a wander around that and the had a coffee and a hot Turkey and Cranberry Bap for lunch. It was hard going eating it but I did enjoy it. and so did Pauline. it was very warm here today and Pauline was doing well pushing me around in the wheel chair.
Gunwharf harbour approach area.
Once we finished lunch we then made our way down to the area along the sea front there were more people down this area of Gunwharf Quays. this is the area where all the cafe,s Restaurants and Bars are situated overlooking the approach to Portsmouth harbour. the area on the horizon is Gosport.
Gunwharf Quays Canal area.
We then crossed the canal entrance and made our way down past the old custom house towards the lower end of the Gunwharf Complex, this is the area that not only has shops and restaurants but also high rise expensive apartments.
The Mobile Police unit ?
 Now looking at this Photograph you may wonder where all the pedestrians have gone, I think it may have something to do with the fact that the area is patrolled by the Mobile Police unit, I am sure they would be better of with skate boards.
Hi Everybody. it is Me. as good looking as ever LOL
Here is the picture that Pauline took of me in the sunshine on one of the bridge's crossing the canal area. the plastic bubbles in the background is part of the amusements that are laid on for the children in the school holidays, the children are inside the bubbles on the water, there are lots of Safety people around.
and Last but not least "Pauline"
and we cannot leave Gunwharf with a Photograph of the Delightful Pauline. My best friend. standing in front of the children,s play area at the end of the canal area.

Once we are finished at Gunwharf we make our way to the citywide Taxi office at the hard and then we get a Taxi home. Pauline picked me up at 11.00 and we arrived back home at 2.30. so we have a coffee and at 3.00 Pauline makes her way home. and I need to get this journal written and then go for a lie down as it has been a very tiring but enjoyable day, and lots of ideas for my move to a new flat. so I will say Tatty bye until tomorrow and leave you with todays Day in History from 1802.

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