Thursday, July 12, 2012

Its another Happy Thursday.

Portsmouth at 8.00 am this morning
Morning coffee
And on this Thursday morning at 7.00 am the day dawns bright and sunny, certainly a change from yesterday afternoon when it was more like December than July, anyway another good nights sleep and awake at 7.00 am. Lazed in bed for half an hour and then into the Kitchen for the morning coffee and into the lounge to watch the Breakfast news on TV while waiting for Jo my Carer to arrive.

Go "jo" Go
It is nice to see Jo looking so cheerful this morning as she arrives at 8.20, full of the joys of spring and looking forward to her long weekend off. She is saying what a difference it makes when the sun is shining, and she soon gets me washed and groomed and is then back on her cycle and off to her next client.

Once Jo has made her way to her next client, I get some Wheatabix for breakfast and then text Pauline, I do not Know if Pauline will get my text today as she is with 02 on her Mobile phone and they have been  having major network problems over the last couple of days, however Pauline soon phones back so it looks like he phone is not affected. anyway she says that she will book a Taxi for 11.00 this morning to collect me and then we can go shopping down at Asda at Fratton and also look into the Mobility shop in Fratton Road.
Will this be my New Recliner
True to her word as Usual Pauline arrives at 11.15 and we are soon into the taxi and off down to Fratton first of all to the Mobility shop and then on to Asda at the bridge centre. The reason I need to get to the mobility shop is to look at new Recliners, When I move I am going to get a new recliner and thought I might as well get an electric operated one and have some comfort, also my recliner I have now is Ok but has seen better days. so I thought why not.

One other thing that I will also need is a bath step to help me get into the bath, I had a look in the mobility shop but could not see the one that I was thinking of getting, I saw it in the LLoyds Pharmacy website so will have to go into the local store to get more details but it looks like it is the one that I will end up getting, unfortunately the Model does not come with it
At the Checkout.
Anyway we spend about half an hour in the mobility shop and then make our way over to the bridge centre and have a coffee and a fried egg bap before making our way into Asda to get the shopping, I decide to walk around the store pushing the wheelchair and that goes OK, we have not got much to get and it takes about 45 Minutes and then we are at the checkout and get the items paid for before making our way outside and phoning for a taxi. The weather from this morning did not last long as it has now started to rain and it looks like it is here for the rest of the day.
The Rain Returns to Portsmouth 3.30 pm today
Once outside I phone for the Taxi and then we are on our way back home, it is now 1.30 and once indoors we get the shopping put away and then I make a coffee and we sit and chat for half an hour before it is time for Pauline to make her way home. once Pauline has left I make another coffee and then settle down with the laptop to check out facebook and to get todays Journal posted. Pauline brought my Laundry back with her today and she had washed and ironed the clothes I will wear for the Myositis Support group Meeting at Southampton on Sunday, I am looking forward to that and meeting some of the people from the Facebook groups that will be there.
Blandford Forum
Well I think that is enough rambling for today so It is time to go and check how the Olympic torch relay is progressing today, It is day 55 today and the torch is traveling from  Salisbury to Weymouth.  There is a large crowd waiting to see the torch pass through Shaftesbury at 8.55 am and there was an even bigger crowd waiting for the torch to appear at Blandford Forum at 11.22.
And Here is an Excellent picture taken by Karen Brasier of Alan Surtees  carrying the torch down the hill in Shaftesbury made famous by the "Hovis" Advert.
So that is it for today the rain has set in now for the rest of the day so I am going to settle down with some old Sit com,s on the Gold Channel on TV so will say Bye Bye until A drier tomorrow {I Hope} and leave you with Todays "Day in History" from 1962.

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