Friday, July 27, 2012

Where is the Sun.

And here we are on Friday the 27th of July 2012. This is the day when we are subject to 99% of the national news being dedicated to the start of the London Olympics, and the opening ceremony tonight. Do not get me wrong, I am looking forward to the opening ceremony tonight and watching the Olympics as and when I want to, and I do enjoy the sport on the TV, it is just that I think there are a lot of other things going on in the world that are more important than the Olympics. So keeping in tune with the rest of the country here is my contribution to the Olympics.

Hot and humid weather
Now I had a restless night last night, I do not know why but it was very hot and Humid last night so that has probably got something to do with it. I only got about 5 hours sleep last night but when I woke at 5.00 am this morning the weather had cooled down a bit and it was raining. so hopefully today will be a bit less humid which will make it easier on the breathing.

Ding Dong
Anyway to cut a long story short I got up at 5.30 to make a coffee and then went into the lounge to watch the Morning Breakfast news on BBC 1. It is as I said all about the olympics but it is interesting, and they are getting all excited in the studio about the national bell ringing event that is happening around the country at 08.12. this morning, everyone is being urged to ring a bell for 3 minutes. I wondered why it was at that time and the explanation was that 8.12 is 12 hours until the start of the Olympic Opening ceremony at 20.12 Hours tonight. but why this morning I have no Idea, I would have thought it would have been more Relevant to do it this evening at the proper time of 20.12. ???.

Anyway several coffee,s later Jo my carer turns up at 8.30 and soon has me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead and then is off to her next client. She is in a bit of a rush today as she has got a busy day ahead of herself. Once Jo has gone I get some Wheatabix for breakfast and then text Pauline to let her know all is OK here and then decide to have a lie down for and hour or so to catch up on some sleep and also I have taken the Methotrexate so that will start to kick in soon.

So I have had a lie down for an hour but did not sleep so am back in the lounge again so it is laptop on and onto Facebook to see who is around. I had a surprise when I had a look at my wall postings, My Sister Eileen had found an old Photograph of me holding my Son Gervase and also my Nephew Arron ( Eileen,s Son) this was taken in 1981 up in Hammond road at Mums house. I was a young 38 year old then How time flies by, Gervase was born in the may of 1981 and he is now 31. so for your delight her I am in 1981. I think this photograph was taken on a "Polaroid Camera."
Like the long hair
Todays Lunch.
The morning has passed by fairly quickly and it is now 1.00 pm and time for lunch. It is one of those days when you feel hungry but cant make up your mind what you want for lunch. Anyway I narrow it down to either a nice piece of Smoked Haddock or a Quiche. I decide to have the quiche and a yoghurt rather than the Haddock as I will be having Plaice for dinner tonight and I can have the Haddock Tomorrow for lunch, anyway I have lunch and then settle down to watch a couple of episodes of "Just Good Friends" and also to get this Journal written and Posted for today so that I can get Dinner early and then settle down to an evening of the "Olympics"

Well that is Today almost over with, The weather has got a bit brighter and the sun is trying to break through, The Methotrexate has kicked in so feeling a bit "Yucky" but not to bad anyway I am going to end todays Journal at this point and say Adios Until Tomorrow, Hopefully I will get a better nights sleep tonight as I will be up late watching the Olympic opening Ceremony which starts at 9.00 pm BST.
Watching the olympics

so here is todays "Day in History" from 1940. so Until tomorrow Adios Amigo

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