Monday, July 23, 2012

A Suuny start to the week

A Good Nights Sleep
And so we go into another week and the weather looks good up until Friday when Rain is Forecast, Just in time for the start of the Olympics.I have no idea what happened last night, I was happily playing away on the computer with a bit of Graphic Design, the "Welcome to Monday" above being one of them when I looked over at the clock and it was 11.50. Where did the evening go, anyway got off to bed and slept through until 7.00 am this morning so that was OK, perhaps I should stay up late every night. "NOT"

"Wakey Wakey"
Once I had dragged myself out of bed and drawn the curtains back, it brightened me up as the sun was already shining brightly and also clear blue skies, so went out to the kitchen to make the coffee and then into the lounge to watch the early morning news on BBC 1. Most of the news programs and everything else at the moment is focused on the Olympics, so looks like that is going to be the headline,s for the next couple of weeks. There was one report tucked away in the depths of the news that was talking about the growing number of Children turning up late for the start of the school day, and looking at if the 9.00 am start of the school day is to early ??? " What with Wake up Calls, Later school starting times, perhaps it will be "Burger King,s in bed next".

So Settled in the recliner watching the news and wondering who will be my carer today, and at what time they will turn up, as it is Jo,s day off on Mondays. so time for another coffee while I am sat here waiting and then get the laptop up and running and check out Facebook and also my emails.
Morning Routine

The carer turns up at 9.20 Another stranger, this is getting to be a bit of a joke now, I think It is time to start making ripples over this joke of a care company, anyway I explain to the carer what need,s doing and once she has got me washed and groomed she is on her way to the next client and I can get back to my morning routine........................

Back to sensibility and once the carer has gone I get myself some breakfast and then send the morning text to Pauline to let her know all is OK.  Pauline phones me back about 10.00 to say that all is Ok with her and that she is going to take the "Contract of Sale" for my house into my Solicitor this morning. I phone the solicitor and let him know and then settle down to get some family history research done on the computer until 12.30 when it will be time for lunch.

Cat Nap Time
At 12.30 I get myself some lunch of Crisp Bread with Cream cheese and a Banana, followed by a nice cup of tea, and then watch the lunchtime news until 1.45 when I go for a cat nap until 2.30. Once that is over I go back to the lounge to watch some episodes of "Waiting for God" and to get todays Journal written.

Well that has been a decent day today, spent some time out in the garden, and got some family history done on the computer, so now all that remains is to get this journal finished for today and get it posted on the blog. I have seen two episodes of "Waiting for god" that I have not seen before so that is a surprise, they must have been shown at sometime when we were on holiday, anyway seen then now so that was a pleasant surprise. Ooop's confession time I have just devoured 2 Mr Kipling bakewell slices Oh well never mind, I will go for a quick 3 mile Virtual walk on "Google maps" later on to  wear it off

I Enjoyed that virtual walk and now before you all think that I am going loopy I will say a fond cheerio until tomorrows shopping edition ..................................................

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