Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rain, Thunder, Hail, Sunshine ?

Well I have never seen a Summers day like today that I can remember, We have had it all today Thunder, Hail Stones, Rain and Sunshine, all we need is some snow and Gale force winds and we will have a full set. At Hillsea at the Northern end of Portsea Island the lightning struck the flag pole at the News centre and took it down. the rain has been torrential mixed with the hailstones.
Outside the
Portsmouth News Centre.
So it looks like this is the way it is going to be for the rest of the day and also through Thursday and Friday as well according to the met office website. Another consequence of this stupid weather is that every time we have a torrential downpour I lose my Sky TV Signal, Oh what fun we have. It is like the TV has a stutter. at least the broadband is not affected.

When I woke up this morning it was a very Sunny start to the day and I thought that perhaps we were in for a decent day but that soon diminished with the first rain shower at 8.00 O'Clock and it has just gone down hill since then.
Portsmouth at 8.00 am today
Misty ready for Walkies
Jo arrived at 8.30 and does not like this weather at all anyway she missed the rain shower and in looking forward to Friday as she has a long weekend booked off this week. It does not take her long to get me washed and groomed {"I did suggest she stood me outside the back door in the rain with some body wash"} and then she is on her way on her Cycle to the next client. I get some Wheatabix for breakfast and text Pauline. Pauline phones back to say she is out on the common with Misty, and although it is not raining the ground is saturated, anyway she is just about to head back home so that is OK.

Thunder Storm
It looks like today is going to be a day of Facebook and occasional TV. so that is the extent of my excitement for the day, anyway I get out the laptop and check the emails and then on to facebook. Once I have checked everything out it is time to watch last nights recorded episode of "Little House on the Prairie" and then it is time to think about lunch at 12.30, it will be a couple of corned beef sandwiches today with a nice cup of "Rosy lee" (Tea) and then to see if there are any old movies on TV this afternoon, Hopefully the thunder storm has moved on and the TV Signal will not get interrupted.

The Movie today is " Mr Blanding's builds his dream house" it is from 1948. It stars Cary Grant and Myrna Loy. This is a Romantic comedy and a very enjoyable film.
Mr Blanding's builds his dream house
Well this is an excellent film and I am enjoying watching it. so now back to this daily journal, Today has been a total day of watching TV and having a really restful day I have just been outside to take a couple of Photo,s to show how weird the weather is here today it is now 3.45 and here is how it looks looking west and east from the road where I live.
Just when you think that it is going to ease up then another heavy downpour comes to greet you the weather system  is moving west to East along the Southern Coast of the United Kingdom from Cornwall to Kent. So watch out Kent, "it is coming your way". well I am now watching a couple of old episodes of the sit com "As Time goes By"  from 1992 staring "Judi Dench and  Geoffrey Palmer."
As Time goes by
So on that note it is time to see how The Olympic Torch relay handled the very wet weather and thunderstorms here in the South of the Uk today. It is now on day 54 and is going from Reading to Salisbury.  The weather was good for it earlier in the day and the sun shone on a large crowd as the torch passed through Newbury.
The torch passing through Newbury
So now I am going to give you all a well earned break and say Tatty bye until tomorrow and leave you with todays " Day in History" from the 11th July 1801.

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