Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Day of cakes.

And so we are into another Tuesday, and another day of showers of rain, Not a bad nights sleep last night, but it was a very humid night again, and It had been raining during the night as the ground was still wet when I awoke this Morning, and it was very dull and cloudy
Portsmouth at 8.00 am This morning.
Anyway I got up at 8.00 am and made the morning coffee and then into the lounge to await Jo the Carer who arrives at 8.30. She is full of the joys of spring after having a couple of days off but does not like cycling in the rain, however she soon has me washed and groomed and is then on her way and I go and get some Alpen porridge for breakfast.

Ready for shopping
Once that is Over I text pauline and she phones back to say that she will be booking a Taxi fo 10.45 to come and pick me up to go shopping down the city centre, and that she will collect my repeat prescription from the doctors on the way and then we can get it filled at Boots the chemist in Commercial road. The time is already 9.45 so I have time to watch a recorded episode of " Little House on the Prairie" before getting dressed ready for when Pauline comes

Pauline arrives at 11.00 and we get the wheelchair into the Taxi and we are off down to commercial road, First of all we go to Debenham,s and then to Boots the chemist to hand in the prescription, it will take about 30 minutes so we go to Greggs and get a Chicken Bake and sit in the precinct and eat that and then go to the bank.
The bank as viewed from outside Greggs
Once we have been to the bank we go into the cascades as it is starting to rain and and we go to Boswells Cafe and have a coffee and a piece of Carrot cake, that was yummy.
Boswells cafe in the cascades shopping arcade.
Once we have had that we make our way around the cascades and back out into the Precinct, it is not raining as hard now so hopefully it will soon stop anyway we now need to go and colect the medication from the Chemist.
Commercial Road precinct on a Rainy Tuesday
Once we have the Medicine we make our way into Tesco to get the shopping and decide that while we are there we might as well have another coffee in the cafe, also Pauline has a scone and butter and I have a piece of Lemon Meringue pie. "Tasty" we soon have the shopping done and then we are in the Taxi back home. Once home we get the shopping put away and then we have a coffee and at 2.40 I phone for a taxi as Pauline needs to make her way back home.

Well that is about it for today it has been a good day today although the rain keeps coming in short bursts, anyway it is time now to check on the Olympic Torch Relay. it is now on day 53 today and is going from Oxford to Reading. Todays Photograph shows the Olympic flame being carried in a boat by Sarah Winkless at the Olympic Rowing Venue at "Eton Dorney"
Eton Dorney Olympic Rowing Venue
so it has been a really good day today so it is now time to start getting dinner prepared so I need to get the journal posted and so I will say Cheerio until tomorrow and leave you with todays "Day in History" from 1962.

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