Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer has arrived.

It is official, It is true
The sun is out, the sky is blue.
Summer has arrived today
So everybody shout "HOORAY"

Happy Sun.
So it looks like summer has eventually got here at last on the south coast of the UK. It was so nice to draw the curtains this morning and see the blue skies and the sunshine, and to know that this weather is expected to last into the middle of next week with the temperature steadily climbing. here is the view from my back door at 7.30 this morning.

Morning Coffee
It was a good night,s sleep although I did not get to bed until turned 11.30 as I stayed up to watch the movie "Avatar" which I thought was quite a good movie but went on to long for me, anyway I slept through until 7.15 and then woke to a nice sunny day. Anyway got up at 7.30 and into the kitchen to get the morning coffee and then to the lounge to catch up on the morning news.

It is not long before Jo the carer arrives, she has got next weeks roster and for some reason she will not be coming round to me on the next two Sundays, apparently it will be someone different on a Sunday so I will have something to say about this, and as I am paying for my home care I will expect an explanation as to why they are changing my carer on a Sunday. I will expect the service that I am paying for to meet my requirements not the care company requirements. and if I am not satisfied with the explanation and reason then I will contact the Portsmouth City Council Adult Care Service.

Once Jo has me washed and Groomed she is off to her next client and I text Pauline to let her know all is Ok and then Settle down with the laptop to check the emails and Facebook .
Todays Lunch
The Morning News is depressing so I watch a couple of episodes of " Last of the summer wine" and then have a potter around the back yard in the sunshine, it is nice outside today. anyway the morning goes by rather quickly, Pauline phones to say that they are down the sea front with Misty, and at 12.00 I decide to have a Chicken, Ham and Leek pie for lunch, it is very tasty and goes down a treat with a nice cup of tea.

Once Lunch is Over I make another Coffee and settle down to watch the movie on Sky 1 "George and the Dragon" A 2004 movie starring James Purefoy and Patrick Swayze. a very lighthearted and easy movie to watch and entertaining as well.

2004 Movie "George and the Dragon"
Once the movie ends I make another coffee and settle down with the daily paper, two items catch my eye which just goes to show how stupid and rediculous the leaders of our country are  becoming and how out of touch they are with common sense.

Get up you lazy so and so
The first item relates to what are being termed as Neets "teens Not in Education, Employment, or Training" apparently a private company is being given a £126 million in a Youth Contract Program to wake up the young jobless with "morning phone calls" ?????. apparently a spokesman said there are youngsters who will lay in bed all day and that a phone call that physically wakes them up is part of getting into a routine. My mum,s idea was simple, if I did not get up, she would come upstairs and "clip me round the ear". it didn't cost her a single penny. has no one heard of Alarm clocks ????
A Spokesman said "They are not Inherently lazy, they just need some support"

Its Not about the sport
The Second Item is just as ridiculous, according to Lord Coe. Olympic fans will be turned away from the games if they arrive wearing the wrong brand of Clothing, apparently this is to protect the corporate sponsors, an example given is if you turn up wearing a pepsi T-Shirt you will be refused entry because it is Coca Cola who are the sponsors if you are wearing Nike Trainers you will be refused entry because it is Adidas who are the sponsors. How Much do Tickets Cost ???  Good job I am not going.

Well that was my day, time for another coffee I think and then to get this journal posted so The Olympic torch relay is now in London so that is where it will stay now until the start of the Olympics next week. so it is time for me to say tatty bye until tomorrow.

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