Friday, July 13, 2012

Yahooooo Friday 13th.

Don't you just love Friday the 13th.

And so another Methotrexate friday is upon us. The one thing I have realized over the last few weeks, is that since I have been on my last lot of Prednisolone tapering is that the Yuckiness  of the methotrexate over the weekend after taking it on a friday have seemed to be less. almost to the point of having no adverse affects  at all, now I do not know if this is relevant or not but is something I will have to mention to my Neurologist when I see him next, which is not until the end of September.
Lets Party
So apart from the lack of energy and the limited mobility I am feeling as fit as a fiddle which reminds me of the old saying "There is many a good tune played on an old fiddle"
so maybe I should go out night clubbing tonight, or not as the case may be.

Q.A. Hospital
As you have probably gathered from the weather photograph at the top of the page the day started out brightly and then deteriorated as the morning passed, anyway at least it has stayed dry which is something at least. I woke up earlier this morning and was out in the lounge with a coffee by 7.30. I needed to text Pauline earlier this morning as she has an appointment up at the Queen Alexander Hospital for a Thyroid scan. her appointment is for 9.30 and she is meeting her sister Fran up there so that will be good, anyway I send the text and she text,s back to say that she will phone and let me know how it went once she is back out of the hospital.
Receptionist at Adult Social Care
Anyway once I have sent the text Pauline I fire up the laptop to check out facebook and to see what emails I have, at 8.30 Jo my carer arrives and is in a very good mood, he has only got today to go and then she will be off work until Tuesday, so we have a nice chat and then she is on her way to the next client, Next thing I need to do is to contact the Care agency to let then know I will not need a carer this sunday. so I phone them and then I phone Portsmouth City council as I have not had my invoice for my share of the carers charge for the month of June and the pay by date is normally on the 15th of the month, I speak to one of the girls in the Adult Social Care Department, and apparently I am not the only one who has contacted them, it seems that all the invoices for the Month of June has gone astray and no one has received them yet, so that is a good advert for our British Postal Service.

Chicken Soup
Once I have finished the phone calls and the facebook games it is getting near 10.30 and Pauline phones to say she is out of the hospital and has to see her GP in two weeks time for the results and another blood test, and then has an appointment back up the hospital towards the end of August. Fran,s husband Colin has collected them from the hospital and she is going back to Fran,s for a coffee and then Fran will come back home with her to spend the afternoon with Pauline.
So it is now time to watch a couple of recorded episodes of "Little House on the Prairie" and that takes me up to 1.00 pm and time for lunch of some chicken soup and Crisp Bread and then a cat nap for an hour or so

Cat Nap
Well Lunch went down a treat and I had a nice cat nap for an hour, and woke up with terrible cramp in my left foot, still never mind it soon went once I was up and hobbling so now all that is left to do is get this journal up and running. As Usual " Methotrexate Friday" is a day of TV and Facebook so not very exciting. anyway it is time to go and see what is unfolding with the Olympic Torch relay.

The Torch Relay is now on day 56 and is traveling from Portland Bill along the "Jurassic Coast" to Bournemouth  The torch starts its Journey on "Pulpit Rock" at Portland Bill on the Isle of Portland
"Pulpit Rock" Portland Bill
From there it travels east along the coast through Weymouth and then goes down the steps to the Beach and back up again with the natural limestone arch in the background at "Durdle Door" near Lulworth in Dorset.
"Durdle Door" Dorset
Another Historic landmark that the Torch visits today is "Corfe Castle" a 11th Century castle supposedly built by "William the Conquerer" the castle stands overlooking the village of the same name.
Corfe Castle Dorset

Here we are then it is now time to say a cheery tatty bye to you all until tomorrow and leave you with the "Day in History" from the 13th July 1985

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