Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Its another wet Tuesday

And a very good morning to you all well you will be pleased to hear that I am giving you a rest from the Olympics today as I am out down to the city centre with Pauline today for our Tuesday shopping, Hopefully the rain will stay away while we are out as it looks like Summer has been and gone.
Portsmouth at 7.35 am this morning.
It is looking decidedly grey and miserable this morning as you can see from the Photo above taken from the live webcam at Portsmouth Harbour this morning at 7.30.
Breakfast TV
I stayed up late last night watching a episode of NCIS on the TV last night and did not go to bed until 11.50, but soon got to sleep and slept through until 6.30 this morning so I was pleased with that as it was a good 6 hours of un-interrupted sleep anyway stayed in bed "Dozing" until 7.30 when I decided I really should get up and make a coffee and take into the lounge to catch up on the Breakfast news and be ready for when Jo my carer arrives.

I am sitting here watching the TV and enjoying my coffee when jo my carer arrives, she is not a happy bunny today as it is raining and she has got wet riding her cycle, she has a busy day ahead of her today so hopefully the rain will stop, I hope it does as I will be going out later with Pauline to do some shopping, anyhow she soon has me washed and groomed and is then on her way,

once jo has gone I get some breakfast and then I text Pauline to let her know all is done and dusted here. Pauline phones back about 9.15 to say she is out on the common with Misty for her morning walk and that she is booking a Taxi for 11.00 am to come and collect me and then we will be going down to Commercial road as I have an appointment with the Building Society at 11.30 and then it will be into Tesco to get a bit of Shopping.

Well the time is now 9.30 so I get the laptop up and running and check out the emails and go on facebook for an hour and then it is time to get a shave and get ready for when Pauline arrives at just gone 11.00. Pauline arrives at 11.10 with the taxi and we get the wheelchair loaded into the cab and then off we go down to Commercial road. We get the Taxi to drop us off at the back of Boots the Chemist as it is the nearest dropping of point to the Building society where I have an appointment at 11.30. 

Building society
Coffee time.
My appointment takes about 30 minutes and we are out at 12.00 O'Clock. so we decide it is time for a coffee, our normal place seems to be rather full so we go to a place further down the precinct which is a cake shop but also sells sandwiches, snacks and coffee, s so that is Ok and we each have a coffee I also have a hot Chicken pasty and Pauline has a Sausage roll and we sit outside and have them and very tasty it is too, that went down a treat and then it is off to Tesco to get the shopping.

We get the shopping done and then we get the taxi back home. Once we are back home I get the coffee made and the shopping put away and then Pauline goes to do a bit of sorting out upstairs for me and I start to get this journal written, well it has been a busy day today what with Shopping, Building society, and trying to get the rooms in the house sorted ready for the move it is quite tiring but we are getting there slowly. anyway I need to have a rest now as I have over done it a bit today so I will say tatty bye until tomorrow and leave you with todays "Day in History" from 1970.

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