Wednesday, August 1, 2012

And August Begins

And the New month begins with Grey Clouds and a damp feel to the day. Very cloudy this morning as I make my way to the lounge with a nice hot coffee.
Portsmouth at 8.00 am this morning.
But we won't let the weather dampen our spirits as I had a decent nights sleep and am looking forward to a restful day after yesterdays shopping and looking forward to the Rowing finals in the olympics today.The new month starts today and remember it is only 145 days to go before christmas is here again so welcome to.................

 As I mentioned I had a good sleep last night and got up at 8.00 this morning, made the coffee and then into the lounge to get ready for when Jo my carer arrives, while I am waiting I check to see what time the rowing finals are on today and then check Facebook and my emails. Jo arrives at 9.10 this morning and she is running late, anyway she soon has me washed and groomed and is then on her way, I then get some Cereal for breakfast and text Pauline to let her know all is done and dusted here.

Pauline phones back, I get dressed and then settle to watch the Olympic rowing Finals. The Rowing is taking place at Eton Dorney lake near Windsor.
Eton Dorney Lake with Windsor Castle in the background
We did well in the Rowing today and won two Medals. In the Woman,s pairs we won Gold
Helen Glover and Heather Stanning
And in the Mens Eights we won a Bronze Medal.
Team GB Mens Eight,s crossing the finish line in 3rd place for a Bronze Medal.
So we did well today so far and we have the mens Time trial cycling later on this afternoon, in the womens time trials earlier this afternoon Team GB came 6th.

Well that was a good morning watching the Olympics and now it is time for an Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich for lunch with a cup of tea and then a bit of Family History research for an hour before starting to get todays Journal written. It is 13 months since I started to write this Daily journal and looking at the Statistics to day it amazes me how many people are still reading the journal and that the number visiting it has increased over the last 13 months.

Well so far so good today, although I can,t believe that in 2 weeks time I will be moving from my 3 bedroom house into a 1 bedroom ground floor flat, there is so much to get sorted and to arrange, although I have great help from Family and friends it is all the paperwork involved with the sale of the house and the rental of the flat and letting everybody know. It is possible that I may not be online and writing the journal if I have a gap changing the broadband provider from one address to another but hopefully it will only be for a couple of days towards the middle of the month.

Well there we are then folks another day of doing very little, saving energy for shopping tomorrow with Pauline, so I will say Bye Bye until tomorrow and leave you with todays "Day in History"

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