Sunday, August 26, 2012

at least the Sun is Shining.

It looks like another Sunny day here today, a better night last night but still a lot of discomfort in the mouth and gums but hopefully this will abate over the next couple of day " Or not" as the case may be, I think I tend to get impatient as I am not even ⅓ of the way into the antibiotics yet, but I did sleep from 12.00 last night until 7.00 this morning and Have woken to a Sunny Sunday here in Portsmouth.
Photo of Portsmouth harbour at 9.00 am today.
The Sunday paper
No carer coming today as I have cancelled them for today and tomorrow in case I want to have a lie in anyway stay in bed until 8.00 am then up and into the kitchen for Breakfast, Antibiotics and painkillers, Plus the DM Medication so all fun and games here today. once breakfast is over I get dressed and wander round to Tesco Express to get some fruit juice and also a paper. then back home and  download the information from my Reveal Heart monitor to the cardio dept at Queen Alexander Hospital at Portsmouth and then text Pauline.

Meeting Gordon with misty
Pauline phones to say that she has heard from gordon and he will be on his way home today, but not sure what time train he will be catching, it takes about 2 hours by train to get from Weymouth to Portsmouth. I have just spoken to Pauline and Gordon has caught the 3.45 train from Weymouth and is due in to Portsmouth at 5.45 so that is god and she is going to walk down to the station with misty to meet him.

Gervase Phoned me at about 11.00 to say he was on his way round to see me and we are off to look at some cars as Gervase is thinking of getting a newer model car, and then down to Morrisons at the City centre to get some food shopping, we went and looked at some Renault,s and also Volkswagen,s but nothing much caught Gervase,s eye

Seawards car sales at Portsmouth
 Once we had seen some cars we made our way down to morrisons to get the shopping and then headed back home along the seafront and it was absolutely packed solid with Holiday makers. There was a lot going on with a fair, a kite event and other attractions so it seemed everyone was having a good time and the weather was really great.
Kites on the common

The fairground on the common

Crazy castles for the kiddies

Peace and Quiet near canoe Lake
Time for a cat nap.
Anyway once back home I get myself some soup for lunch and take the next dose of Antibiotics and once gervase has gone I go and have a lie down for an hour until 3.15 when I make a coffee and then get todays Journal started, I think being out for 3 hours has taken it out of me and I definitely need a couple of painkillers as this abscess is giving me hell at the moment.

Well that is about it for today , it is now 4.40 so time to get this journal posted and then to think about what to have for Dinner, it will probably be a fresh sea bass fillet today with some mashed potato and cauliflower cheese. so until tomorrow I will say Bye bye.


  1. Did god arrive at the station on time

  2. I do believe you meant Gordon, He arrived at the station about 6.45

  3. Weymouth and is due in to Portsmouth at 5.45 so that is god and she is going to walk down to the station with misty to meet him.

    So did she meet God.