Friday, August 10, 2012

Easy Friday after a Hectic Thursday.

Good morning everyone and welcome to another friday, Fridays child is loving and giving, that is the way the Nursery Rhyme Goes and it just so happens that I was a Friday Child. Loving and Giving I am , it must have been because I was born in the middle of an Air raid.
The day I was Born
 However it is another warm and sunny day here on the South Coast of Portsmouth and after yesterdays busy day of sorting the house today is Methotrexate day, and a day of rest and relaxation. the flowers on the shrubs are in full bloom at the back of the house. the following Photograph was taken at noon today.
the Back Yard
after a morning of just sitting and checking out face book I am sat here making out a list of all the company,s doctors, hospitals and people that I have to contact with my new address. while I am doing this I am watching a 1980 Made for TV Movie called a "Christmas without Snow" starring Michael Learned and John Houseman
A Christmas without Snow.
This is hard work
The Methotrexate is not having to much adverse effect today which is good in fact I have noticed that the Yucky feeling I used to get with it on a friday has not been so bad these last few weeks. anyway I have done very little today I have phoned a few company,s to change my address, and at 1.00 I had some very nice Pate and Crisp bread for lunch and I enjoyed that, after lunch I went for a cat nap and now I am getting this Journal written and posted before getting a few bits and pieces of my family history items sorted out ready for the move.

So that is about as exciting as it gets today then, it is now 3.30 and I will spend an hour or so with the family history archive and then start getting dinner ready at 5.30 so I will say bye bye until tomorrow and leave you with todays "Day in History". from 1675.

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  1. Hey I always thought I was full of woe because I was born in the middle of an air raid, My Mom said it was typical of me to turn up at the worst time for everybody. I never dared point out that it was actually her body that expelled me and not really my choice!