Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Sorting Sort of day

Alien Life Form
Bang Bang, Bump Bump, What is that noise going on upstairs I think it might be a Grinch or could it be some kind of alien life form invading my house !!! NO !!! It is Pauline sorting out some of the items that I need to get rid of.  As you can probably tell Today has been a day of Shopping and Sorting. The day started well as I woke at 6.30 after a good nights sleep and suddenly realized it is only 2 weeks to go before I move into my new home. "Scary"  
The day has started very damp but by the time Jo the carer gets here the sun has started to break through so I think we have a day of showers and sunshine ahead, It does not take jo long to get me washed and Groomed ready for the day ahead and then she is on her way and I text Pauline and then get some Wheatabix for breakfast and settle down with the laptop to check out emails and also facebook to see who is about.

Taxi Booked
Pauline phones back about 9.45 to say that Gordon has today off so If I want I can get a Taxi down to their house and then Gordon will take us to Morrisons to get the shopping and then we can have some lunch there and Gordon will bring us back to my house and Pauline will spend an hour or so sorting the middle bedroom out. well that seems like a plan to me so that is what I will do and I will book a Taxi for 11.00 to go down to Pauline and Gordon,s. Place.

So at 10.20 I get a shave and get dressed ready for the taxi to collect me at 11.00. the Taxi actually arrives at 10.55, it is one of our regular drivers so that is good as he knows where Pauline lives so Off we go, as Gordon is taking us to Morrisons and we are not going to town first I leave the wheelchair at home as I can walk around morrisons with a trolley and if I need to I can use one of their wheelchairs. 
The road where Pauline and Gordon Live.
 Once we are at Pauline I go in and get greeted by Misty, and we have a chat while gordon finishes off  getting ready and then we get into Gordon, s car and off we go to Morrisons to get the shopping.
Morrisons at Victory Retail Park, Portsmouth
Why are we Waiting
Once we are at Morrisons we get a trolley and off we go around the store to get the shopping, it is not to busy today so it is easy to walk around with the trolley and get the bits and pieces that I want and Pauline and gordon get their shopping as well. It takes about 45 minutes to get what we want and then before we pay we go into the Cafe and get some lunch, we all have a coffee, Pauline has a Sandwich, Gordon has 2 egg on toast and I have a Jacket Potato with Cheese and Bacon, and very nice it is to.

Once lunch is over we go and pay for the shopping and then we load it into the car and off we go home. Once indoors I get the shopping put away and make the coffee,s and Pauline goes to sort out the middle bedroom and Gordon and I have a chat. at 3.15 Pauline and gordon head home and I have another coffee and a lie dow until 4.00 pm and then get the laptop and get started on todays Journal. It has been a busy day today and I have not had time to watch any of the Olympic events today which is a shame as we have won a few Medals today so I will need to catch up with it all this evening.

Anyhow it has been a tiring day today so I am going to have another coffee and then get dinner started as it is now 5.15 and I have just had a phone call from Gervase to say he and leanne have arrived in Amsterdam where they have gone for a 4 day break so I hope they have a good time. over there, I love Amsterdam, it is one of my favourite City,s anyway I will say Cheerio until tomorrow and leave you with Todays day in History.

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