Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Oh dear Pauline", what you done now.

I will explain later on, but it could only happen to Pauline. well todays journal is a bit off track of my normal run of the mill journal as there are three issues i want to explain to you all, and these really did happen. we have issue:

  1. The mystery of the double take:
  2. The curse of the Korma.
  3. The drippy knicker Saga.

These events really did happen and are not a figment of my Imagination and I thought that as the readers of my Dermatomyositis Journal you needed to understand the type of things I need to put up with in my mundane life !!!!!!!!!!!.

1. The mystery of the double take

This is an event that happened yesterday during my foray down to the City Centre with Pauline. If you have ever had "one of those days" then you will know what I mean, if it wasn't bad enough with the lift button,s this event certainly took the biscuit. after stopping for our coffee break yesterday Pauline says that she has mislaid her glasses somewhere, "that,s Pauline for you" anyway not a big problem one would think as she has a spare pair with her and she only needs them for reading etc, anyway we go into M&S and negotiate the lift and then Pauline decides that she has  now lost her second pair of glasses, "No wonder I am going Grey" anyway after much swearing and Panicking both sets of glasses are found on top of her "HEAD" no wonder she keeps mislaying me and the wheelchair when we go out shopping.

2. The curse of the Korma.

Well yesterday I decided I was fed up with eating so much fish, and bland (ish) food and that I needed to try something with a bit of taste, now as most of you know who read this on a regular basis, one of the things I suffer from with my medication is Constipation and so I take a mild laxative on a regular basis which helps, anyway things changed over the weekend with my tooth abscess and that really got me down so anyway yesterday I decided to get a ready meal "Chicken Korma" from Morrisons, it is a long time since I have had a curry and I really did enjoy it , the taste was out of this world "but boy" has it come back to me today with a vengeance, needless to say I do not think I will need a laxative tonight LOL!!!!!!

3. The drippy knicker Saga
 And last but not least ............... There I was this morning sat poised ready to hobble at the speed of a geriatric tortoise to the bathroom, when I get a text from Gordon who is up in Salisbury working . the text said "ask Pauline about her drippy knickers" apparently Pauline in her wisdom had decided to go down to Palmerston road to get a little bit of shopping, now the weather forecast for today was for heavy showers and strong gusty winds, so what does Pauline wear, a summer dress and a cardigan, needless to say she got caught out in the open in a torrential downpour. Well it could only happen to Pauline.

So there we go then folks something a little different today and in conclusion, I will point out Pauline and Gordon do know that I have written this. and they think it is funny and adds humour to my Journal !!!!!. I have known Pauline for well over 10 years now and she and her family are good friends of mine, as is Gordon, who I have known for about 2 years, I am glad that he has made Pauline happy and also My thanks are extended to them both for the help they have given me since I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis.

Pauline, Gordon and Misty.
So on those words I will say Au Revoir until tomorrow.

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