Saturday, August 25, 2012


And that is how the day has gone today, one minute the sun is shining, next it is rain clouds. but the good news is that the new Antibiotics seem to be starting to kick in.

Restless Night "Again"
Again it was a very restless night with a lot of mouth pain and this seemed to go on until I went and took a couple of Codeine at about 4.45, and from then on I had a bit of a sleep until about 7.30 when I got up and made a coffee and had some Wheatabix, after which I took the first of the three daily Antibiotics.

Jo on her Bike
Once I had taken the antibiotic I made another coffee and settled down to wait for Jo the carer to arrive, Jo arrives at 8.30 today so that is OK and she soon has me washed and Groomed ready for the day ahead. She was telling me that after the trouble with the pedal being loose on her bike yesterday it eventually fell of on the way to her last client, She took it into her local bike shop and he fixed it for her and charged her £1 so she was pleased about that I would think at that price it was just a locking nut he had to replace.

To scotland
Anyway once jo Has gone I text Pauline to let her know that I am up and that Jo has been, Pauline phones back to say that she had a Phone call from Gordon about 6.30 am to say that They were at Birmingham and were in a bit of a traffic holdup he then phone again about 8.00 to say that they were still held up in the traffic so would be late getting to Weymouth.
To Weymouth
The story is that gordon flew to Scotland from Southampton Yesterday evening to help some friends move down to Weymouth. He got to Scotland  about 10.30 and then left again about 12.30 am To help drive down to Weymouth, Apparently there was a Van and 3 cars.  Anyway I spoke to Pauline later about 1.30 and they had arrived safely in Weymouth.
To Portsmouth.
Gordon was Going to help unload the van and the cars and get his Friend settled in to her Flat, Stay the night with them all and then head back home to Portsmouth tomorrow, They were all staying overnight and the others were all driving back to scotland tomorrow, and gordon will get the train back to Portsmouth

Regular lie Downs throughout the day
However Gordon got to Weymouth safe and sound, and will be back home with pauline tomorrow, On the other hand I got myself a tin of "Big Soup" for lunch at about 2.00 pm and then took another "Antibiotic" the one good thing is that I have not had to take any Painkillers since the early morning so it seems that the Abscess is responding to treatment, it is still sore and uncomfortable around the Jaw and mouth but I am not getting the pain that I was when pressing on the tooth, but where I have not slept properly for 3 nights I keep having to go for lie downs.
Will I, Won't I
Still I do not mind that, at least hopefully I can now leave the Codeine Phosphate alone as the big side effect with that is the Constipation, and I have to take laxatives as it is already with the other medication I am on for the Dermatomyositis, Oh What fun we have with this disease, and as the Doctor said on the phone all I can do is make sure I increase the Lactulose while I am taking the Codeine Phosphate,

So on that note I think I will leave you all until tomorrow and go and catch up on some more sleep, I spoke to Gervase earlier and he is coming round tomorrow to take me shopping and also to give me a hand as it is the day that I have to link up via the phone to the hospital to download the data to the cardiology department from my Reveal heart Recorder.

Well there you are then folks another exciting day of fun and Games and constipation from the topsy turvy autoimmune world of until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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