Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pauline,s lost her marbles lol

Yes it is true folks, It is official, Pauline has finally lost her marbles, but more about that later on. I had another good nights sleep last night, I stayed up a bit later last night to watch a new sit-com series starting on BBC 1 called "Citizen Khan" starring Adil Ray and Kris Marshall.
Citizen Khan BBC 1
A good nights sleep.
It was a very funny and well written and I will make sure I watch the rest of the six part series as I am sure I will enjoy it is written by Anil Gupta and Richard Pinto. so It was turned 11.00 when I eventually got to bed and slept right the way through until 6.45 this morning, stayed in bed listening to the Radio until 8.00 when i got up to make a coffee and into the lounge to await Jo my carer.

Porridge for breakfast
Jo arrives at 8.30 and has had a good weekend and she has a busy day ahead of her today so it does not take her long to get me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead and then she is off to her next client. Once Jo has gone I get some breakfast and take my Morning Medication and then text Pauline to let her know all is done and dusted here.

Pauline phones back to say that all is Ok with them and that she will book a taxi for 11.00 to come and collect me and then we will be going down town to do some shopping, I do not know what the weather will end up doing today as it does not look very promising out there this morning, hopefully the rain will hold off.
Portsmouth at 9.00 am this morning.
Pauline arrives with the taxi spot on 11.10 so we get the wheelchair into the cab and off we go down to the city centre. I need to get a couple of bits and Pieces in the precinct and then also get some food shopping at Morrisons. The taxi drops us off at the back of boots and so I go into the Nationwide, and then into Boots the Chemist.
Boots the Chemist Portsmouth
Once I get what I want from boots we then head into W.H Smith to get some stationary and then go for a coffee and a Sausage roll at one of the local cafes. After that we go into Marks and Spencer
M&S Cascades Portsmouth
So many buttons to choose from.
And this is where the fun Begins with Pauline, I need to go up tp the first floor so we need to take a lift, that is not a problem so off we go, once I have what I want we need to go back down, now there are two floors in M&S Ground floor (G) and first floor (1) only two buttons, so what does Pauline do once we are in the lift presses button 1, no movement so presses button 1 again still no movement, well I am in Hysterics and so is Pauline when she realizes what she had done, Now lets face it is is not rocket science still it made us laugh, and she eventually worked out what button of the two available buttons she needed to push.
Once we were out of M&S we made our way over to Morrisons at the victory retail park where we got the food shopping that we both needed and then when we were finished I Phoned for the taxi to take us home.
Morrisons Portsmouth.
Well we were lucky with the weather as it turned out quite warm and sunny, it was a good day today, one we were back home I made a coffee and we sat out in the garden in the fresh air while we drunk that and then at 3.30 Pauline made her way home, Gervase also phoned to say that he was leaving work early today as he had to stop on the way home to take a conference call and that he would be coming in to see me this evening on his way home from work.
So it is now 5.50 and gervase will be here soon and it will soon be time to think about dinner, I am cheating tonight and am going to have a Chicken Korma ready meal from Morrisons so I will enjoy that as I have not had a curry for along time so until tomorrow I will say cheerio.

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