Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Shopping Tuesday.

Keeping up with this weeks Nursery Rhyme theme we go into Tuesday. 
Pauline + Taxi
So here we are on a Tuesday morning that has started of very grey and dismal, I am up bright and early and looking forward to the day ahead, pauline will be round about 11.00 this morning with the taxi and we will be going down to the city centre to pick up my repeat medication from the Chemist and then we will be going over to Morrisons to get the food shopping. Today I need to by enough to take me through to Sunday as the rest of the week is going to be busy sorting out the house ready for the move next week.

A very busy Jo Today
So once I am up it is in to the kitchen to get a coffee and then into the lounge to catch up on facebook and also the emails. before Jo the carer arrives, she is getting later these days as her work load is increasing, I do not know if it is a case of the company getting more clients or the staff holidays, it is probably a combination of the two, anyhow Jo arrives at 9.20 and soon has me washed and groomed ready for what the day throws at me.

Once Jo has gone on her way I check on the state of Team GB in the Olympics as I did not see any of it yesterday and it looks like we won some more medals yesterday and I see we now have 19 Gold, 12 Silver and 12 Bronze and are 3rd in the medal table below China and the USA. so we are doing well in london 2012.

Is this the way to do it
Anyway the time is pushing on and so it is time to get a shave and get dressed ready for when Pauline arrives about 11.00, I also need to make out a list of the items I need to get in Morrisons, otherwise I will buy a lot of items I neither want or need and not buy the items that I do need but whatever happens I must Buy "CHOCOLATE" anyway once I have had a shave and got dressed I am ready for when Pauline arrives, and Pauline gets here about 10.55 so we get the wheelchair into the Taxi and off we go to the City Centre.

It does not take long to get down to the city centre, we get the driver to drop us off outside the back of boots and Pauline takes the prescription into Boots the Chemist to get it made up, It is for the next lot of Methotrexate, Prednisolone and Calcichew. It will take about 15 minutes until it is ready so we go for a coffee at the expresso bar while we are waiting.
Expresso Coffee Bar at Commercial Road Precinct.

That was a nice cup of coffee so we go into the Chemist and get the Prescription and then we make our way along the precinct to market way where we can cross the road and take a short cut through Sainsburys car park to the Victory Retail Park which is where Morrisons Supermarket is.
Morrisons at Portsmouth
well once we get to Morrisons it is nearly 12.15 so we decide that we will go and get a Sandwich for lunch with a coffee in the cafe inside Morrisons before we start the shopping as that will be easier, so we make our way in and get a sandwich each and a nice Latte coffee and it was very enjoyable.
Lovely Sandwiches
The sandwiches are always very nice at morrisons and come with a salad Garnish and Crisp,s and I really think Pauline was feeling peckish today.
Pauline tucking in to her Sandwich
one thing did come to light today though that did really shock me and the evidence is shown in the Photograph below. Pauline asked how many sugars I wanted for my coffee, I replied that I would like 4 Sugars well I did not want to say anything but I have a suspicion that Pauline did not do very well at maths when she was at school. LOL
here is the evidence m'lord
 Once we had completed the shopping we went outside and phoned for the taxi to take us home. as we arrived home we saw Ken and Vanessa who I am renting the flat from they said to have a look as the decorating was all done and new carpets fitted all the way through, and it looks really nice, so it will make such a difference to me to be living on one level so really am looking forward to the move. anyway got back indoors and shopping put away, coffee made and a sit down and a chat for 30 minutes before Pauline makes her way home and I get on the laptop to get this Journal written.

So there we are folks another exciting day over and done with. So I will say Tatty Byre until tomorrow and another busy day of cupboard Sorting, and leave you with todays "Day in History" from 1876.

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