Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And Its tuesday

and only 2 days to go before the move "Spooky" Anyway Hello to every body on this fine Tuesday Morning and it looks like it is going to be another busty day.

Indulging in my morning coffee.
Another decent nights sleep although it was a very warm and humid night last night, I think it must have rained during the night, but I never heard a thing, woke up at 6.30 and got out of bed about 7.30 to make a coffee and prepare for another day of sorting bits and pieces out.
Once the coffee is made it is in to the lounge to watch the morning news on TV and then Jo the carer arrives at 8.45. She had a good weekend and is glad she has a short day today and finishes quite early. It does not take her long to get me washed and groomed and is then on her way to the next client. I then get a text from Pauline to say she is waiting for her Taxi and that she and Misty will be here soon , so I get dressed and have some cornflakes for breakfast before Pauline arrives.

Go Pauline Go
Pauline and misty arrive about 9.20 so it is a good excuse for another coffee and a bowl of water for Misty. First thing Misty does as she charges in is roll over onto her back to have her tummy tickled.  The reason Pauline has arrived so early is that the Driver from the Heart Foundation Charity is coming this morning before 11.30 to collect a few boxes of books I am disposing of so Pauline is here to help him load them into his van.  It is a nice day today so we have the front door open so that we can get some fresh air and Pauline goes upstairs to just tidy up the few remaining items that will be going over to the flat and then hovers through.

Misty Helping
It is a really nice day and it is very sunny and warm today and it is very exhausting sat here listening to Pauline working away upstairs, no seriously I am sat down here with a box of paperwork sorting out what can be dumped without shredding, what needs shredding and what I need to keep, and misty is lying on her blanket fast asleep. at about 11.00 am the chap from the charity arrives and he and pauline get the books loaded into his van so that has got rid of them. Even misty gave a hand (or Paw)
Loading the books into the van

Taking the clothes over
to the Flat
Once the books are loaded and left then that is the upstairs cleared. apart from some of my jackets,Suits and trousers on hangers which Pauline brings down and we will take them over to the flat  after we have had a coffee. I make the coffee and we it and have a nice chat and pauline has a rest, I finish of sorting out the box of paperwork so that is a good job done. so we now take the Clothes fro  upstairs over to the flat so that is another  job completed, and now it is getting near time for lunch as it is 12.30.

Once we have got back from taking the clothes over to the flat Pauline an I take a walk round to the tesco express with Misty to get something for lunch and also so I can get some milk and a ready meal for dinner tonight as it is to humid to be cooking, I get a nice Fish pie for dinner tonight, it will only take 30 minutes in the oven so nice and easy. As we cannot take misty inside the shop she is tethered outside and waits very patiently for us to come back out and then we make our way back home.
Misty waiting outside Tesco Express

Having a Cat Nap
Once back home we have a coffee with our lunch and then we go out into my rear room and get the cupboard sorted out in there and then sort out the book case in the lounge. and at 2.30 Pauline and Misty say goodbye and make their way home, and I now have to get this journal written before having a lie down. I go for a lie down at 3.45 until 4.45 and now I need to get this Journal posted before getting dinner as it is now 4.50 so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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