Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Tiring Day

And here we are on another Sunday, it looks like today is going to be the last day of the fine Sunny weather with rain being forecast for the week ahead and also today is the start of the big Move week , by Thursday evening the house should be empty and I will be established in my new home

What will frank do
this week ?
For those of you who follow my daily Journal, or my facebook page you will know that I have been putting up a different line from a Nursery rhyme for each day of the week, and today is the 7th day so what will I replace it with next week, or will I replace it. Who can tell tune in tomorrow to find out !!!!!!.

So there we are then a start of another day, I got to bed about 10.30 last night and did have a decent nights sleep, I woke once at 2.30 but went straight back of to sleep and woke again at 6.30 so that was OK, stayed lazing in bed listening to the radio until 7.45 when I got up and made my way into the kitchen to get some Coffee and then into the lounge to catch up on the Olympic news and also to check emails and facebook. 

New Carer today.
My Carer arrives at 9.00, a very nice lady who I have not seen before, she apologises for being late as she has me down on her schedule for 8.30, but I tell her it is not a problem as my time is normally for 9.00 am anyway she soon has me washed and groomed and is then on her way, and I get a text from my Brother Pat to say he and my niece Melanie will be coming down about noon to pick up a couple of items they are having. I text Pauline to let her know all is OK and she phones back to say that they will be going out with Misty and then over to her Sister Fran,s later as it is Fran,s Birthday. 

This is hard work LOL
Once the carer has made her way to the next clint and I have spoken to Pauline I go and get some breakfast and then start to go through a box of old papers from the 1980,s that relate to my business, They were found by Pauline stashed away in the back of a cupboard upstairs and she brought them down for me to look at so I am going through them and shredding any official documents and putting the rest out in the recycling bin, I will do some today and some tomorrow. anyway that keeps be amused for the morning, looking at old tax returns and invoices etc. I do that until 11.30 when I go and get a coffee and a banana. and take a break until Pat and Melanie arrive.

My Bother Pat
Pat and melanie arrive about 12.15 it is nice to see them, Pat has come down to pick up a computer tower unit, has not got a hard drive in it as the graphics card packed up working a couple of years ago but it has some very good music recording hardware in side the unit that gervase used to use as it was his computer and pat may be able to utilize it or something as he is a self employed computer engineer, as you can see by his photograph pat is Nearly as good looking as me.

My Niece Melanie
as I mentioned earlier My Niece Melanie also cam e down with Pat, Melanie is Pat,s eldest Daughter and is about 18 months younger than Gervase. Melanie has come down to pick up a dining chair that I am getting rid of, I think she is going to strip and paint it , but at least it is going to a good home.

When they arrive I make the coffee,s and we have a good chat I see Pat quite regularly but I do not see Melanie that often except for weddings and family get together,s, as they live out at Fareham which is where we were I was born and where we lived as children, I only moved into Portsmouth in 1975 when I met My Late wife Christine, Fareham is a small town about 8 miles west of Portsmouth and about 15 min,s on the motorway
Fareham West Street
While Pat and Melanie are here Gervase arrives. to collect the bits and pieces he wants , most of it is his LP,s and Games machines he left behind when he got married, anyway he is pleased to see Pat and Melanie as he has not seen them for some time and he gets on well with them, anyway after a good chat I take them over to see the flat and then Pat and Melanie get the items in the van and off they go, Pat said he will try and get down to give a hand on Thursday with the move.

Once Pat and Melanie have gone Gervase goes round the shop for me and then we have a chat before he gets his items in the car and then he is off back home, He and Leanne were out late last night at a wedding reception so I think he wants to catch up on his sleep, as he has an early start for work tomorrow. 
My Afternoon CatNap
Once Gervase has left I look at the clock and it is turned 3.00 pm so I am off for a lie dow for an hour before getting this journal written and Posted and then It will be time to get Dinner started. It is now 5.55 and I have got the dinner started and am just going to get this journal posted and then have dinner about 6.30 before settling down to watch the Olympic closing ceremony on the TV this evening. 

So all that is left to do is to say tatty bye until tomorrow and leave you with Todays "Day in History" from 1827

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