Friday, August 31, 2012

A Step in Time.

Portsmouth Harbour at 8.40 this morning
The sun is out today
And what a glorious day it is on this bright Sunny Friday  morning, it really is a nice change from the cloud and gloom of the last few days, so what is in store for me today, well Gervase is coming round at 11.30 to day to take me down to the city centre as I have an appointment at 12.00 and before that my Sister Eileen and her friend Chris are coming round with a step for the back door for me which they have made, so it is going to be a busy morning for me today " stops me getting bored".
Happy Dentist = Sad Tooth
It was a decent night last night, the tooth problem has seemed to have abated, and I will now have to hope that it does not return until I see my Dentist in the middle of September, that will be a busy month as I have the dentist on the Friday, Blood test the following Tuesday and the Neurologist a week later, so that will take a bit of Juggling along with the shopping etc, good job I keep a daily diary.

Morning Coffee
I still have a problem with the sore mouth today but I started the Nystatin yesterday so hopefully that will take effect with the next couple of days and then we will wait and see what the next problem is that will occur. anyway I wake at 6.00 this morning and then laze around in bed until 8.00 when I get up and go make the morning coffee, which I take into the lounge where I can watch the Morning news on TV until Jo the carer arrives.

Jo arrives at 9.00 and thinks she has picked up a bit of a virus as she does not feel well so I send her off home and tell her to phone in and go sick as she cannot go round caring for elderly and disabled people if she has a virus, so off she goes, hope that it soon clears up for her, once she has made her way home I get some breakfast and then text Pauline and ket her know all is Ok here and then get a shave ready for when Eileen and chris get here about 10.30 as it is now 9.45. also it is methotrexate day today and as I have an important meeting down the city centre today I decide to take the methotrexate after dinner tonight rather than this morning so that should be OK, I can still take the Prednisolone and the calcichewD3 now.

Well Eileen and Chris arrive at about 10.40 and they have brought the step that made for me to go outside the back door, as it is a bit of a step down onto the patio from the kitchen. It is not to bad on a good day but on a bad day when I am a bit unsteady it can pose a problem for me, even with the walking cane, anyway it is a perfect fit, that sister Eileen of mine and her friend Chris really are a couple of clever ladies.
The new step from kitchen to Back Garden.
  So with the step down and now easier access out into the garden all is looking good so I make some coffees and we have a nice chat which goes on until Gervase arrives at 11.30. so Eileen and Chris make a move of up to their studio at Drayton and Gervase loads the wheelchair into the car and off we go down to the city centre.
left to right Chris and Eileen
Once we are down the City ,Gervase gets the car parked and then we make our way to carry out my business. The meeting takes about an hour and then we are back in the car and heading back home along the sea front. once indoors I make a coffee and then Gervase heads back home as He has arranged  from home today so that he could come with me, and he needs to get back ready for a tele-conference.

Portsmouth City Centre.
And now it is time to have a bit of a lie down and a cat nap as it has been a very tiring morning and I am whacked.  I have had a cat nap and feel refreshed and ready to get this journal finished, it has been a nice enjoyable day so I will get this journal posted now and get ready to watch pointless on the TV at 5.15,  so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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