Friday, August 3, 2012

Its another Freaky Friday

Have trolley will travel
Oh well the only thing I did not need on a Friday when I take my Methotrexate is a sleepless Thursday night. I went to bed last night about 11.00 pm after a busy and tiring day and just could not get to sleeps, all aches and pains after deciding to leave the wheelchair at home and walk around morrisons with the trolley, I enjoyed it but I think an  Hour on my feet is just pushing it to far, my limit is about 20 min,s so must learn not to be so bl@@dy minded.

Must get to sleep
Anyway as I said it was about 11.00 when I went to bed and I just could not settle and go to sleep, at 1.45 I went onto facebook for 15 minutes and then eventually dropped off to sleep about 3.00 and woke again at 7.15 so had about 4 hours sleep so will have to go for a nap later on this afternoon if I feel to tired, still got all the aches and pains but hopefully that will diminish as the day goes on, at least it is easier than last night.

Jo and the New Carer look
tired today
So up at 7.40 and into the kitchen for a nice hot coffee and then into the lounge to wait for Jo the carer to arrive, While I am waiting for jo I go online and check out my emails and facebook and then as Jo seems to be running late get myself some Breakfast and text Pauline to let her know as it is now 9.30 and no sign of Jo, anyway about 9.50 Jo arrives with a  new carer that she is taking round with her, it seems that jo has got a lot of extra clients to see today due to short staff because of Holidays and Sickness. I am coming to the conclusion that the care company is not that well organised with their staff and do not let you know if the carer is running late. and when you think that Jo was almost 1.5 hours late getting to me I feel I should have been told incase I had doctor or Hospital appointment,s.

Yum, Yum, Sardines on Toast.
Once jo has me washed and Groomed ready for the day I go and watch a bit of TV while I take my Methotrexate and Prednisolone, The Prednisolone Tapering is going well but that may be one of the reasons my muscles are aching more, it will be interesting to see the results of my Blood tests that are due in 2 weeks time.  anyway once I have taken the medication I make a coffee and then relax in the recliner with the TV and the laptop until 1,00 pm when it is time to get a bit of lunch. So what to have for lunch is the next Question, I have a look to see what I have in the Kitchen, and decide on a tin of sardines and a couple of slices of toast so "Sardines on Toast it is then"

Well if that was Lunch then all I can say is "Roll on Dinner" honestly though that was very tasty and I enjoyed it but I had this desire for some chocolate afterwards so had a small bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate and that I really did enjoy, well the aches and pains from yesterday are almost gone now, thanks to my day of rest, just have a little  stiffness in the leg muscles but that is normal for me at the moment, anyway it is now time to see what is going on with the Olympics as I missed most of the Olympics yesterday although we did do well in the canoeing, the cycling and the Judo.

Well we have another Gold Medal today in the Rowing, Anna Watkins and Katherine Grainger have won Gold in the Woman,s Double Sculls Final A.
Anna Watkins and Katherine Grainger

Alan Campbell also won Bronze in the Mens Single Sculls.
Alan Campbell
 And George Nash and Will Satch won Bronze in the Mens pairs
George Nash and Will Satch
We are also doing well in the Sailing at Weymouth and also today is the forst day of the Track and field events.

So that is about it for today, lack of sleep has caught up with me so time for a catnap for and hour or so so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye and leave you with Todays "Day in History" from 1978.

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