Monday, August 13, 2012

And the week of the Move Begins.

Welcome to Monday with a song in your heart.
Number 1 of 7
One last Push
Howdy Do everybody. And so we launch ourself into the realms of utter chaos as we get ready for the big "MOVE" as Daffy Duck said during world war II "Never in the field of human moving has so much been owed to so many by so few" in other words my gratitude goes out to family and friends who have helped and supported me and in Pauline,s case "Terrorized" me over the last few weeks, well the day of the move is looming so thank you very much, just "one last push and we will be there."

Stayed up to late last night watching the superb Olympic closing ceremony, so that is the olympics over and done with and the Paralympics start on the 29th August and I just hope that it gets the same amount of coverage as the Olympics got, although I know that it is channel 4 who is broadcasting the live events.
A scene from the Olympic closing Ceremony
My New carer today
Anyhow I probably got of to sleep about 1.00 am this morning and slept through until 7.15. Lazed in bed until 8.00 and then made my way into the kitchen to get a coffee or two or three and into the lounge to wait for my morning carer to arrive, hopefully she will be here early today as I have Pauline and Gordon arriving at 9.30 so that they can help my cousin Mike from Fareham, who is coming down to collect a load of VHS tapes I am getting rid of. the carer arrives at 9.00 and is another new face, it appears that the care company is having problems with staff absence, and holidays at the moment, anyway the carer soon has me washed and groomed and then it is time to get dressed and to get breakfast before Pauline and Gordon arrive.

Pauline up and down the stairs
I had a nice dish of Porridge for breakfast and then got dressed, pauline texts to say her and Gordon are on the way, and they are bringing Misty with them so that is ok, once they arrive I give Misty a doggy treat and make the coffee. after we have had our coffee Me and gordon sit and have a chat , and Pauline disappears up stairs to sort out the items for Mike.

Gordon bringing out the boxes
Mike arrives about 10.15 and it is good to see him again, so off I go to make more coffee, "Costing me a fortune all this coffee" anyway we sit and have a nice chat with me, Mike, Gordon and Pauline, not forgetting misty who loves all the attention once we have had coffee, Mike comes to have a look at the flat and then we go back to the house and while we where gone Gordon has got all the tapes and Vinyl out ready for Mike.

Off Mike goes with boxes of VHS Tapes 
So now Mike gets it loaded into his car and then we stand around "Loitering" in the street chatting before going back indoors. Time is now getting on near to noon and mike decides that it is time he made his way back home,and so off he goes back to Fareham, It was nice to see him again and Pauline and gordon was pleased to see him as well so A big Thank you for today Mike.

My 2 hour cat Nap
Once mike has made his way back home, Pauline sorts out the clothes that are going to the charity shop and then she and gordon make there way back home. A big Thank you to Pauline, Gordon and Misty for today, the time is now 1.00 so it is time for a bit of lunch and today it will be egg Mayonnaise with crisp breads and also a banana, with a nice cup of tea. after lunch I catch up on the emails and face book and at 1.45 I go for a cat nap to catch up on my late night last night.

Well that 1 hour cat nap lasted two hours and then I only woke up because the phone rang, anyway it is now 3.45 and time to get this journal written and posted for today before getting dinner. I have just got dinner started and tonight it will be my favourite Salmon with new potato,s and a nice home made Cauliflower Cheese, so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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