Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It is a Bossy Wednesday today.

Here we are again then people and another Journal written amongst the chaos of getting the house sorted.
!Ah! Thats better
The day started pretty good today I had a decent nights sleep after staying up late to watch the comedy Movie "Ruthless People" with Bette Midler and Danny DeVito. it is a brilliant film and so funny, anyway as I said a decent nights sleep and I woke about 5.40. went to the bathroom and then back to sleep until 7.00. at 7.30 I got up and made a coffee and then into the lounge to watch the News on TV and catch up on the Olympics as I have not got a lot of time to watch TV during the day as we are getting ready for the move next week.

Pauline,s Breakfast
Anyway Pauline has an appointment this morning at St Mary,s walk in centre for a blood test and then she is coming round to help again today, Anyway her appointment is for 7.40 and at 8.15 she phones to say that she is just coming into my road so that was quick so I go and make her a coffee ready for when she arrives. Once she is here we have a chat and she has brought some croissants with her for her and gordon for breakfast, as gordon will be down later as well.

Jo is a bit under the
weather today
Once Pauline has had her coffee and a croissant she goes upstairs to carry on where she left off on Monday with the sorting out and just after that Jo the carer arrives, she is feeling a bit under the weather today as she has hay fever, so I make her a cup of tea as it has just started to rain again. it does not take her long to get me washed and Groomed and then she is on her way, I get some breakfast and get dressed and then Pauline comes back down and I make another coffee.

Sorting out upstairs
Well the morning is passing by and the weather is not that good today, it is very humid and heavy, and it is light rain and very cloudy anyway it is now 9.45 and Pauline has a phone call to say that Gordon is on his way down and is bringing misty with him so that is ok. once gordon arrives with misty I make another coffee and we all sit and have a chat and then "Pauline the Boss" reckons we should get on and get some more sorting out done so me and gordon jump to attention and follow orders (and if you believe that you will believe anything)anyway while Pauline carries on upstairs me and gordon sort out the cupboard under the stairs and also the hall cupboard.

Helping good Causes.
at about 1.30 we think it is time to call it a day, we have done really well and have got all the cupboard emptied and Pauline and gordon have got what we need to take to the local tip, what is going to charity shops and what is coming with me and what is going to Gervase all sorted into different rooms, It is surprising what you accumulate over the years, all that is left now is to bring a few items out of the loft and there is not much up there apart from a couple of boxes of records and an old computer monitor. what we have got is a lot of items new and old to go to the Chernobyl Children,s life line group for there fundraising table top sales and also a huge amount of books and VHS Videos to go to the local charity shop. Pauline phoned them today and they will come and collect them next week.
there were a couple of other sentimental finds that I came across in the back of the cupboards. one was the blanket that chris had gervase wrapped in when we brought him home from hospital when he was born and the other was two award trophy,s he got from school for best pupil.
well that is about it for today I am totally worn out so an evening of rest I think we got a lot sorted and bagged up for the refuse collection tomorrow, I have 8 bin bags of rubbish to put out tomorrow morning and also i green bin of card and paper for recycling. I think the bin men will have a fit when they see this outside my house tomorrow .
Ok so now it is 5.20 pm and time to get dinner started and then an evening of relaxing in front of the TV with some chocolate that Gervase and Leanne brought me back from Amsterdam, an evening of spoiling myself I think before it starts all over again tomorrow.
so until tomorrow I will bid you all a good evening and leave you all with todays "Day in History" from 1963

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