Monday, August 20, 2012

The Trials of the Move and "SKY"

Well here we are back but only because of the generosity of my Neighbours Chris and Kim, who are letting me "piggy back" of off there broadband, which is why I am  keeping this short. This week the days of the week illustrations are for movies with the day in the title.

It is another excellent sunny day here on the South coast as you can see by the Photograph be;ow taken from the live webcam at Portsmouth Harbour.
Portsmouth at 2.30 today.
Well the Move on Thursday went pretty well and on saturday the Sky engineer turned up and set up the TV, with the Telephone and Broadband to be activated today by the evening but it is now 2.30 and no Phone or broadband as yet, still live in hope. and the TV has not worked Yesterday or today so am expecting an engineer to come this afternoon to sort it out as I spoke to a supervisor earlier today, but it is the phone that I really need as I need it for transmitting my Hear recording from the reveal heart monitor to the Hospital on Sunday. Well as I said this is a short update hopefully a longer one tomorrow if the broadband is activated ???????. so here are a few Photographs taken over the weekend of the move etc.

It Started with the coffee,s

Pauline at work

Had to get my Sister Eileen Working

Leanne sorting the Kitchen

Gordon having a rest

A Nice Patio Courtyard

Misty likes the Garden Patio

So there we go a quick update on the move I would hope that by Wednesday everything will be up and running , if not then I will need to ruffle a few feathers.
so hopefully until tomorrow I will say tatty bye.

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