Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In my new flat

And so we go into Wednesday, It was only a week ago that I was spending the last day at my old address, and it seems like an age away. So how did the move go and how have i coped with it all?.

It seems impossible that I have moved from the house that has been my home since 1989 and all the happy and sad times and events that took place there. we moved in when my Son Gervase was 8 years of age and my wife Christine was teaching at a local primary school in Methuen Road.
Methuen road school
I had my own  driving school and the future was looking good although Christine had been diagnosed with Breast cancer in 1987 the operation was a success and she had responded to treatment, however in May 1993 it returned with a vengeance and in October of 1993 My Christine passed away in the house where we were living, I had sold my Driving school and had nursed her for 6 months as she wanted to stay in her home, and s i raised Gervase in that house, so there were a lot of Memory,s.
Christine and Gervase
I thought that I would spend the rest of my days in that house but life has its own surprises and the Dermatomyositis has other ideas. After I was diagnosed in May of 2011 with Dermatomyositis I found that I was having difficulties negotiating the stairs and so I transferred my bedroom to the lower level, but there was no way I could fit a bathroom or shower room downstairs and so I have been restricted to Strip Washes. not a ideal situation to be in so as I am like many of us restricted with our mobility it made sense to think about moving to a I level accommodation.
When this flat opposite to where I lived came up for rent it seemed the ideal situation as I new the area and had good neighbours, so after speaking with Gervase about it The decision was made and here I am, with a bathroom I can use Yippee.
At last a Bathroom I can use.
The move in went very smoothly with lots of help from Pauline, Gordon, Eileen, Chris and Leanne, so I am now settling in although I still cant find half the things I want as I do not know where they were put, it will still take a few weeks to sort everything out into some kind of order.
Part of the lounge with the south facing window.
The lounge is starting to take shape now and I now have the TV, Broadband and Phone up together and working so that is a lot better now, it is a bigger lounge than I had over in the house so a bit more room to move around
The Lounge from a different angle.
And I have one corner of the lounge set up with my desk and my Family history archive shelves, although there is a lot of sorting out to do with this area yet.
The layout of the Flat is very compact so it is ideal for me
in the Photo above this is taken from the lounge looking towards the Kitchen, the door to the right leads into the bathroom and the door to the left leads into the bedroom.

Bedroom with the built in Double wardrobe
 So as you can see it is a nice little flat and will suite me down to the ground. I have settled in very quickly and I am really starting to feel at home here.
so all in all a nice easy move, the biggest problem is dealing with letting everyone know my change of address, getting through to some of these company,s is very hard work, still I am getting there with that.

Have been out shopping down the city centre with Pauline today to stock up the food cupboard so now need to decide where to put it all and then a nice coffee and get this Journal posted before thinking about tonight,s dinner.

At least with living on one level it is so much easier and obviously no stress about repairs, maintenance etc,  which is one of the main reasons I decided to rent rather than buy another property, so there we are, onwards into the Future and a new chapter in my life, the house may be sold now but I have brought the memories with me. so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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  1. It looks ideal Frank, I can't imagine how you lived with a bathroom upstairs or maybe I can, but I don't need details!
    We imagined we would spend our last days at the blue house next door and had it all fixed up , until sclero and myo struck, we moved next door 3 years ago. I am still trying to get people to use my new address, it was one number change 44 to 40, but that seems to make it harder for people to recognise the change!
    Glad Gervase got on the Sky case, it's good to have you back full time!