Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Comes and Goes

So here we are on another Sunny day here on the south coast, after yesterdays methotrexate dose I had a decent sleep last night, woke up once and then woke up again at 7.15 this morning. I stayed in bed until 8.00 am when I got up to make a coffee and to go into the lounge to check on the emails and to plan the day ahead. I checked the Live webcam site at Portsmouth Harbour at 8.00 am and downloaded the picture to show how nice it is here this Morning.

Portsmouth at 8.00 am this morning
Yummy Yummy Weetabix
Once I had checked through the emails I sit and watch a bit of the Olympic news on BBC1 until Jo my carer turns up at 9.15. she is running a bit late again today as she has had problems with the client before me but it is not a problem as far as I am concerned as my allocated time for morning visits is 9.00 am +/- 15 minutes. anyway she is looking forward to her two days off and is intent on going out and getting drunk tonight. anyway she soon has me washed and groomed and is then of to her next client and I get myself some wheatabix for breakfast.

Pauline the "terror" getting
it all organised
Once I have finished breakfast I text Pauline and she phones me back and says that she and gordon will be round later on this morning about 11.00 for a couple of hours to help get on with some more sorting out. We are really getting there with all the sorting out of the items we need to get rid of. I had a phone call last night from my Cousin in Fareham and he is taking all my VHS Videos and Cassette + some Vinyl LP,s, so that is great, we have the British Heart Foundation Charity shop coming to collect a few boxes of books, early next week and Pauline has arranged for another charity to have all my excess clothe hangers, Pauline is a great organiser.

Watching TV is hard work
At 12.30 me and gordon are absolutely exhausted sat here in front of the TV listening to Pauline working her little socks of upstairs so we decide we should really do something to help so with great effort we rise from the chairs and stagger round to Tesco Express to get some Sandwiches and cake for lunch, we take misty on the lead and when we return we are so tired we have to sit down and have a coffee, that was hard work LOL

Stop straining Chris
Once we are back home I make a coffee for us all and ten we have our sandwiches, once we have had lunch Gordon collects a Garden Shredder he and pauline are having and also loads up a few Boxes of National Geographic Magazines from the late 80,s early 90.s that Pauline,s Nephew Stewie is Having and then I get up the stairs to see that Pauline, with Gordon,s help has got almost every thing ready to go. Gervase will be round tomorrow to take his bits and pieces, The Videos Etc will go on Monday. The books and hangers will go on Tuesday, Chris from over the road took some of the items for the Chernobyl  Children,s Life line charity and will clear the rest of the items for them before Wednesday.

Not confused again are we Gordon
So there we are then it is now almost 2.30 and time for Pauline and Gordon to make there way home. we are almost there now, on Thursday we will move the rest of the items over to the flat , ( we will move some items over during the week} and My Sister Eileen and her friend Chris will be down to help as well and whatever is left on Thursday afternoon will go in the van and down to the tip so the House will be ready for Completion.

Misty hard at work today
well Pauline and gordon are now back home and I am getting this Journal done and posted before getting dinner. It has been another productive day thanks to Pauline, Gordon and Misty, and now I thought you should see how hard misty has worked today.
so all that remains is for me to wish you all a good evening and say bye bye until tomorrow and leave you with todays "Day in History"

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  1. Frankie - you and Gordon must have been worn out -- you didn't notice that I did not have socks on !! LOL

    I don't mind doing all the hard work whilst you two watch TV -mind you need to rest to keep up with my " caffiene" fixes (it must drain you) haha Pauline