Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And it is another wednesday

The Last Daily Journal until Monday 20th August

Good day to one and all and so we go into the penultimate day as the move takes place tomorrow.
Pauline and the Dishes
So here we go then the time is drawing near and we are just about ready for the move tomorrow. Pauline has been here all day today from 10.30 until 3.30, Gordon arrived at 2.00 and helped me check the inventory for the flat, Pauline had spent most of the day in the kitchen washing everything that is going over with me and sorting out the items that will need to be dumped.

As I said earlier Pauline came down about 10.30 and again brought Misty with her, I do not think that Misty is to impressed with traveling in a Taxi, but as usual when she arrived she came bounding in for her tummy rubbing and her doggy treat before settling down on her blanket.

Misty in the Taxi.
Misty is very quiet today, I think it is because it is very humid today with heavy rain and thunder storms rumbling around the edge of Portsmouth although she perked up a bit when we walked her round to Tesco to get something for lunch, and also to stock up on Coffee, tea and milk to keep the troops refreshed tomorrow.

As the day went on the weather started to improve, this morning at about 11.30 it was very wet, humid and windy
Portsmouth at 11.00 am today
 but by 3.00 the weather started to get brighter and by 5.00 it is quite pleasant here with some blue sky and sunshine breaking through.

Portsmouth at 5.00 pm Today
 It has been a very busy and tiring day today and it will be even busier tomorrow, so I am going to have a lie down for an hour before I think about getting dinner for tonight, I will try to update on facebook tomorrow and over the weekend as and when I can get access to the internet but I will be back with my broadband in the new flat on Monday so will have lots for Mondays daily Journal. so until Monday I will say "Tatty Bye".

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