Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Sunny(ish) Sunday.

Where is Facebook.
Well here we are on the first Sunday in August and things are starting to take shape with the move, In a fortnights time I will be in my new home and it will be so much easier living on one level.  I had a phone call from the people at BskyB yesterday and they are disconnecting my Phone, Broadband and TV here on Friday 17th of August and reconnecting the TV on Saturday the 18th at my new Flat and activating the Phone and broadband on Monday the 20th of August so I will be off line on the 17th, 18th and 19th of August, 3 days without facebook, will I ever survive LOL.

Womens Marathon
Well Team GB did very well in the Olympics Yesterday 6 Gold medals in a day and it is possible we may pick up a couple today, I didn't watch much yesterday as Pauline and gordon were here and I will not be watching to much today, although at the moment I am watching the Women,s Marathon and it is raining hard in london today while I am sat here looking out the window at blue skies and sunshine, don't you just love the british weather.

I caught up on Chris Burrows blog this morning. It is a very amusing account of her daily trials and Tribulations and I would recommend it as a very interesting read. however it seems that chris has a case of Pneumonia at the moment, although it has not dented her sense of humour anyway I hope she gets well soon.

The Marathon is going along well in London and it is interesting to sit here and watch it and see all the different sights of London and I am pleased to say that the weather is improving in London as it has stopped raining and the sun is coming out.

Homeward Bound
It is now 12.20 here and it looks like it is going to be a pleasant afternoon here, My son gervase has just sent a text to say that he and Leanne have checked out of the Hotel in Amsterdam and are enjoying their last few hours in Amsterdam before catching the flight back home this evening so I am glad they have had a nice few days away and Gervase does not go back to work until Tuesday so he has tomorrow off as well, and Leanne is on Half Term Holiday until the schools go back in September after the summer holidays.

so here we are then at 1.53 pm. The weather is getting better and better as the day goeson and although there is a lot of white fluffy cloud around there is also a lot of blue sky and sunshine as you can see from the Photograph taken from the live webcam at Portsmouth Harbour today.
Portsmouth Harbour today
I have had some lunch and enjoyed that and I am now thinking of getting the bookcase containing all my Family history research into boxes ready for when I move, most  of my research is done on line these days and I have an awful lot of resources in digital format and saved on CD,s and Memory sticks but I still have a book case with 4 shelves of paperwork and paper research, Photo,s Certificates etc which need to be archived. also I have printed copies of the Seven books I have written.
Before I start to sort out the family history material to archive, I will take this opportunity to let you know that I have finalised the design for the Myositis website I am going to set up once I have moved and also I have done the storyboard for the first "Myositis Awareness" Animation, so once I have moved and assembled the equipment I will be ready to start on this new project and I can say that I am looking forward to it.

Website header Graphic
That was a good hours work getting some of that sorted out, there is to much to do it all in one go so I can do a bit each day for the next 3 days. anyway I am also working on some more Graphic designs for the days of the week promoting Autoimmune awareness and Myositis Awareness and here is an example of one of a set of seven based on the Nursery Rhyme " Mondays child"
I have also produced another illustration with a graffiti theme for "Myositis Awareness and am also working on another couple of Poems.
Latest graphic design project
The Idea is that I will collate all my designs that I have produced over the year and make them into a e-book that will accompany the "What is Myositis" interactive slide show. which will be available FOC later in the year.
"Interactive Awareness video cover"
So as you can see it is all systems go here at the moment, at least It will give me something to do while I am at home all day and hopefully will help to raise awareness of Myositis as well as Autoimmune diseases.

Well that I think is about it for today, as you can see it is going to be a busy two weeks in front of me getting everything organised to help the move go smoothly and an exciting time ahead working on the new projects, It is amazing how far I have come in the last 14 months and although there are many things that I still cannot do there are still many things that I can and will do and still goals to achieve, so I will say Bye Bye until tomorrow and leave you with Todays "Day in History" from the 5th August 1100.

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  1. Glad you warned us about being off line so I didn't panic. I think the boring white pills are working, they taste truly disgusting the warning not to chew them is quite unnecessary!
    Had to smile as I am a WEdnesday's child, but happily I have avoided or failed to notice much woe!