Monday, August 27, 2012

Bank Holiday Monday

So here we are again on another Bank Holiday Monday and as is natural for the UK, the weather takes a turn for the worse, but you can be assured that when the children return to school in a weeks time the sun will come out and we will have a late Summer.

Portsmouth harbour as seen by the live webcam this Morning.
As you can see by the Photograph above, the weather really is not nice this morning. anyway the better news is that I have kicked the Codeine into touch, I just cannot handle the constipation at all well, and as the Pain has started to subside as the Antibiotics get to work and the swelling has started to go down, I have reverted back to 2 x Paracetamol Plus twice a day.

I really do hate having to take all these medication but in the long run it has got to be worth it, and at least I will soon see the dentist and then start the process of sorting out the dental problems that have seemed to happen since I started in the Prednisolone and the Methotrexate, as my old mum used to say " You are dammed if you do, and you are dammed if you don,t.

A Busy Care Company office
It has been one of those " I will not do a lot today" Days, I suppose one of the benefits of the Antibiotics is that it is allowing me to get a good 8 hours sleep, which is a change from my normal 4 or 5 hours, so I did not wake up today until about 8.00 and lying in bed  I heard the door at about 8.40 and on answering it was the carer, now I was not expecting that as I had cancelled the carer for yesterday and today anyway she was OK about it and agrees with me that the organisation of the office leaves a lot to be desired.

on the phone to Kim.
Once the carer had phoned and confirmed that the office had not let her know, I start to get some breakfast when my Mobile rings and it is Kim my Next door neighbour, phoning to see if I am OK as the carer was knocking on the wrong flat to start with until Kim put her right and then Kim was concerned that the Carer was not here long and phoned to make sure that all was OK with me, It is nice and reassuring to have such caring neighbours so to Kim. Chris, Molly and Megan next door I say a "Big Thank You.", anyway I explained it to Kim and so all is OK. I really do think though that I need to have a word with adult social care and think about getting a different care company.

After I have had breakfast I text Pauline, and she phone,s back to say that they are on the way to Salisbury as Gordon has a couple of Jobs to do up there today, they are leaving a little bit later as Gordon had a busy weekend and did not get back from Weymouth until 6.45 Yesterday, Pauline said it was 5.45 he was due in but I think they must have got the train times confused ( A senior Moment or 2 or 3 )

I just laze around for the morning in the recliner, checking out facebook and a bit of Family History and about 12.30 take a slow walk round to get a newspaper, then once back home make a coffee and settle down with the crossword and read the paper. at 1.20 I watch the movie "Paulie" from 1998 starring "Gena Rowland,s" and "Tony Shalhoub"
Paulie movie 1998
and then at 2.45 it is the " BBC Proms 2012 Wallace and Gromit at the proms
Wallace and Gromit at the Proms
and this is followed at 3.30 by "Wallace and Gromit" the curse of the were-rabbit
Wallace and Gromit curse of the were rabbit
followed by Pointless at 4.45. so that is the rest of my afternoon planned out and then it will be dinner and then an evening of the soaps, so until tomorrow and a normal day returns I will say Tatty Bye to you all

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