Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Satisfying Saturday.

And as the title says a Satisfying Saturday and that is exactly what today is. Here we are at 3.00 pm in the afternoon trying to get todays journal written and what am I watching on the TV. " The Penguins of Madagascar" on the Comedy Central channel.
Penguins of Madagascar
What an interesting life I lead, I really must get out and see the real world but then again I do enjoy these cartoons, one of the Positive aspects of this Myositis is that it has opened up a whole world of Television that I never knew existed

enough of this Rambling and lets get this journal underway. I had a really good nights sleep last night after Thursday night and am feeling less achey today, the carer has been and gone and for today I am giving the Olympics a miss as Pauline has phoned to say that she and gordon are going to come round today as she wants to do a bit more "Sorting" out upstairs for me as it is only a 8 more days before I get the key to the flat that I am moving to.
Anyway it is not long before Pauline and Gordon arrive they have come in Pauline,s car today and have arrived with Misty so that is good as I like Misty
They Have arrived and hello Misty
Anyway I make a coffee and Pauline goes upstairs to get some sorting out done while me and Gordon sit downstairs having a good old chat, at about 1.00 Pauline comes down and she has nearly finished the sorting out, She brings some bits and pieces down for me to go through and as it is lunch time I go and make Pauline and gordon a cheese omelette, and I have some crisp bread and cream cheese, and then I make another coffee and we sort out some ornaments in the lounge and get them boxed up ready and at 2.15 Gordon and pauline decide that it is time to give it a rest today and Pauline will be round on monday to do a bit more and on Thursday I have my sister coming down with her van to take a load to the local tip. so Pauline, Misty and Gordon make their way back home.

Thank you Pauline, Gordon and Misty
 Once Pauline and Gordon have left I get the washing up done and then Gervase Phones from Amsterdam to say that Leanne and He are having a great time and that they are at Amsterdam Zoo today, they had a nice evening out in Dam Square last night and I am glad that they are having a good time and enjoying their break away.

Amsterdam Zoo
So that is about it for the day, I have had a good chat with Gordon and Pauline and Pauline got some more sorting out done, I have seen Misty and have spoken to Gervase and had a good nights sleep and a restful day, it can't get much better so now I need to get this Journal finished and then have a cat nap for an hour before starting to get dinner ready, Cottage Pie tonight with Broccoli and Cauliflower so will look forward to that and then an evening of catching up on todays Olympic events. so I will say tatty bye until tomorrow and leave you with todays "Day in History" from 1902 

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