Thursday, August 23, 2012

What a day this has been

I do not know about the rest of you but my goodness this dermatomyositis and the medication certainly makes life interesting.
I have been having a few problems with an aching jaw/tooth the last couple of days and thought oh well a few paracetamol will calm it down as it has happened before and usually only lasts a few days, but this time it was different and after a really restless/painful night last night decided that it felt like I may have an abscess under one of my teeth, so rang the doctor and she said it certainly sounded like it and to make an appointment with the dentist but she would write a prescription for some antibiotics to sort out the abscess as I could not get into the dentist until the 14th September as he is on holiday.
So I phone Gervase "good job he is off work this week" and he drives me up to the surgery to pick up the prescription and then to the chemist to get it. The doctor has prescribed Amoxicillin. So anyway we get that and go back home, I take one of the capsules and gervase makes his way home, I have a coffee and then decide to have a lie down and catch up on some sleep within two hours of taking the amoxicillin I am covered in a red itchy rash, obviously am allergic reaction as it is stated in the leaflet that it can react with Methotrexate. Oh what fun we have.

So back on to the phone to the doctors and also to gervase to let him know what has happened, anyway the advice from the doctors surgery was to stop taking the Amoxicillin and if the rash gets any worse or does not subside to ring back, otherwise ring back in to the surgery tomorrow morning, well it is now 3.15 and the rash has gone so we will see what the doctor has to say tomorrow, and hopefully there will be an alternative, so until then it looks like another restless night and paracetamol.

Well that is about as exciting as my day has been today, the weather has been pretty good but the forecast is for rain over the weekend, but then again this is England so what do you expect, we get a Bank Holiday weekend and it rains,
As you can see from the following photograph the rain clouds are starting tio build over Portsmouth harbour at 3.40 today.
Rain clouds over portsmouth today
 So what has happened the rest of the day, not a lot really, Pauline has been up in Salisbury working with Gordon today, I just had a phone call from her to say they were on the way back to Portsmouth so it sounds like there day went well, Gervase just phoned to say did  want him to come back round and was I ok, I am fine really just an aching tooth but I am going to go for a lie down in a few minutes once I have this Journal finished and Posted, so that is about it for today, I hope that you all had a better day han I have and will say Tatty Bye until tomorrow.

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