Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trials of Tuesday

Welcome to Tuesday and from the title of the film for Tuesday, Belgium is where I would like to be right now eating Chips and Mayonnaise from the chip van that use to be in the square in Brussels.

Well the day has started OK, not that keen on this hot humid weather, as it makes sleeping at night very uncomfortable, but I did get a good 5 hours sleep last night so not to bad, woke at 4.30 this morning but stayed in bed dozing until 7.00 am when I got up to make a coffee and get ready for the day ahead.

I am sat here with my coffee and am waiting for Jo the carer to arrive, had fun and games over the weekend as no carer arrived on Sunday so contacted the care agency and they said that they were short staff and that someone would be along at some stage in the morning, bearing in mind it was 10.30 when i phoned, so I told them to forget it and also cancelled Monday as that is also Jo days off but lo and behold a carer arrives on Monday at 8.30. anyway I am going to cancel care on sunday and monday and just keep it for the days that Jo works as she is a good and reliable carer.
Blood test day

My son Gervase will be taking me up to the GP for my regular blood test as Pauline cannot take me today as she has an appointment up at the hospital for a overactive Thyroid.
Well the Blood test went OK, and should have the results on Thursday,

Pauline has a small nodule on her Thyroid which they can treat with Medication so They are not concerned about it and she goes back for a further check with the consultant in 6 weeks time.

After the blood test at the doctors Me and Gervase went and collected Leanne and went to the local Vauxhall dealers as they are thinking of upgrading their car at the moment he has a fairly old Vauxhall Corsa so we went to see what used Vauxhall Corsa cars the dealer had.

Local Vauxhall Dealers
What bit goes where ???
 We had a look at a few and got a couple of good deals negotiated and took them away with us so that Gervase and Leanne can think about them, anyway gervase then dropped me off at home and took Leanne back home and then he came back to my place to phone Sky and find out what was happening about my phone and broadband which is still not activated at 2.30 this afternoon, after talking to several people and being put on ho;d several times we were told an Engineer has been assigned to get my Phone and Broadband set up by the end of tonight, so I should have phone and broadband by tomorrow morning, but I won't hold my breath.

So Now I am back home and am going to settle down with the paper and a coffee for an hour as it has been a tiring but busy day today so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

or Au Revoir

or even Tatty Bye

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