Thursday, August 9, 2012

What a Busy Thursday that was

Wake up Frankie
Well what a busy thursday that was, it started off with me signing the rental agreement for my flat that I am going to move into and ended with me sat in a half empty house thinking, Where did Thursday go to, Today was such a productive day thanks to the efforts of my Sister Eileen and her friend Chris, and also Pauline and Gordon and not forgetting Misty. The day started at 7.30 for me when I got out of bed feeling as sick as a dog, too much chocolate last night I think and also knowing that today I am going to Start making changes for the future and saying goodbye to parts of my Past.

Paperwork to sign.
So as usual I started with a coffee in the lounge and then Jo the carer came and got me washed and groomed for the day , then it was time for a breakfast of Wheatabix, before getting a shave and dressed ready for a busy day. I had a phone call from the letting people to say that Sarah would be round about 10.30 with the agreement for the Flat, for me to sign and then we can go ahead with the exchange of contracts on the house sale on Monday to hopefully complete on next friday as discussed with my Solicitor Yesterday.

To the Tip
Next to Phone was Pauline to say that they are on there way and it is now 10.00 am. Pauline and Gordon arrive at about 10.10 and I go to get the coffee made and then Eileen and chris arrive about 10.35 so more coffee and tea to make and then Sarah arrives to get the rental agreement signed and as it is so hectic here this morning we go over to the flat to get everything read and signed. once that has been done Eileen and Chris come over to see the flat and then it is back to get the van loaded up with the items that are going to the local tip/recycling area.

Well it is certainly a warm sunny day today as you can see by the following photographs, I have included these so you can see how everybody got stuck into the work today, I was busy making tea and coffee. In this first Photograph you can see gordon pretending to be busy.
Gordon pretending to work
The next person we see trying to look busy is Eileen,s friend and my Surrogate sister Chris.
Like the gloves Chris
I do like the Purple gloves, anyway my sister Eileen is the next one on Candid camera.
Going for a sit down then Eileen
Now as you can see in the end we had to get Pauline the terror out with a big stick to make sure they did not slack.
The Boss has them working now
and off course this photographic collage would not be complete without Misty, who was not impressed by all this coming and going and spent most of the day chilling out.
Hello Misty
So that was most of the morning taken up, While Gordon and Chris took the Van up to the tip too unload Pauline and Eileen sorted out some more Items that Eileen was going to have and also there is a]enough stuff for another van load to the Tip, It makes me wonder where all this stuff came from over the last  20 + years and what made be keep it for so long.
An accumulation of items to go
Once Chris and Gordon are back me and Eileen go round to Tesco Express to get a selection of Sandwiches and cakes to feed the troops and I make another load of coffee. Once lunch is over they load up the van with another load of items for the tip and I try and recuperate some of the Sandwich money but with no success.
No money made yet
 anyway gordon and chris are back so they finish up with putting the items that Eileen is having in the van and then we have another coffee. there is only another week to go as by this time next week I will be in the flat. as I will move in next Thursday or Friday.
Here we are then. Welcome
So that is all for today folks as it is now 6.00 and I want to get this journal written and then get dinner on, it has been a busy day and a big thank you to family and friend,s for all the help today and I am looking forward to moving into a nice new flat next week. so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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