Thursday, August 30, 2012

And now on to Thursday

and here we are again and another thursday is upon us, I stayed up a bit later last night to watch the opening ceremony of the Paralympics but must admit that although I was enjoying it as I felt it was a excellent show, tiredness took over and i had to retire to my bed at 11.00.

However what I did see was excellent, I had a decent nights sleep and slept through from about 11.30 until 6.30 ish so was pleased with that, I got up and made a coffee and then back to bed until 8.00 when I thought I had better get up and into the lounge with another coffee ready for when Jo the carer arrives.

Jo is in a rush today
at 9.00 O'clock I phone the doctors surgery to ask for a phone call back from the doctor as I have got a very sore mouth and a very "Furry" tongue at the moment which I think is related to this abscess I have had and the subsequent antibiotics.. Jo Arrives at 9.15 and is running a little behind time today so she gets on and gets me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead and then she is on her way and I get myself some wheatabix for breakfast.

Nystatin Oral suspension.
Once I have had breakfast I phone Pauline and she and gordon are going to be coming round at about 11.30 today to give a hand around the flat for a couple of hours and also Pauline will take me round the shops to get the shopping. The doctor phones about 10.00 and she has a word and agrees that I have got a bout of Oral Thrush, This is something I have had before so she said that she will put a prescription at the desk for Pauline to collect for me this morning so that will be Ok as she has prescribed Nystatin for me

I have had this oral thrush about 3 or 4 times since I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis and am convinced it is a by-effect of either the Prednisolone Tablets or the Methotrexate tablets, but Nystatin soon seems to clear it up and it tastes quite nice as well.  Anyway I phone Pauline and she and Gordon collect it for me on the  way round to my place today. The weather is not that clever today although so far the rain has stayed away which is good as I need to get out round to the co-op and tesco later today with Pauline to get some food shopping.
Way to go Gordon
Pauline and gordon arrive about 12.00 and we have a coffee and then Gordon says that if Pauline takes me out round to do the shopping he will get on and run the hoover over the carpets and clean the Bathroom and kitchen floors so that is what we do. Misty stays behind with Gordon and goes to sleep out in the back courtyard now that the sun has come out.

We go round to the co-op in winter road as I used to like shopping there but to be honest it has gone down hill a lot, the range of produce is not that great especially fresh vegetables and also it is a hard shop to negotiate with a wheelchair so we only get a couple of items and then make our way round to the tesco Express.
The Co-Op Winter road
Once we get to the tesco express we buy what we need for today and tomorrow and then get a sandwich for Pauline and Gordon for lunch and a small Chicken Pasta Salad for me and then make our way back home.
Tesco Express
Where is everything Pauline ?
Once back indoors we get the shopping put away and then make a coffee and sit and have a chat while we have our lunch. Gordon has done a good job on the floors and has cleaned the toilet and sink in the bathroom and also wiped down all the worktops and hob in the kitchen as well as the desk and table in the lounge, as well as hoovering right the way through and cleaning the tiled floors in the kitchen and bathroom, everything is now spick and span. after lunch Pauline spend 30 minutes tidying the cupboards in the kitchen so now I do not know where anything is LOL. we then sit out in the back yard and have a coffee before Pauline and gordon make there way back home.

So there we are then the end of another good day, the flat is now all spick and span, the shopping is done, the medicine has been got, pauline has sorted the kitchen cupboards so all is right with the world, so I am going for a lie down for an hour before I start thinking about getting dinner so until tomorrow I will say ......................................................

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